Many new features added to!

First, a bit of history. This is what version one of looked like, two and a half years ago:



Sexy, right?

We’ve come a long way but we’re hardly finished. Today, I want to announce some new features we added over the last few weeks. But before I do, let me point out that Fate Reforged Prices are now live!

(Fate Reforged Foil Prices are live too!)

If you visit one of the links above and are logged in, you may notice another column (you did sign up, right? It’s free!), thus:


The “You Own” column shows up on this page and lets you see how many of each card you own. Right now that’s zero, but if you click on the link, you can edit this to any number. This was a heavily requested feature for the “My Collection” tool and it’s now ready for everyone – no more entering card names manually, just visit the set page and go through your binder card by card.

Speaking of My Collection, the filters now let you sort your collection by one or more sets, so if you want to see all Blue Alpha and Beta cards over $10 that you own, just click “Filter” and then select these requirements.


That “Save Filter” thing at the bottom is a new ProTrader feature – I’ll get to it in a moment.

Next up is our new MULTI-COLLECTION feature – something that has been repeatedly requested. Now, instead of just storing everything you own in My Collection and everything you want in the Wishlist, you can make arbitrary collections like “long-term specs”, “short-term specs”, “Modern Delver Deck” and “Cards I loaned Larry last week”. This feature is fairly basic right now but you can see all the same data as in :My Collection” which means you can see things like current price, best buylist price, how much the price changed since yesterday/ last week, etc.

To create a new multi-collection, just click the “My Collection” drop-down and then “+create new list”. You can also choose any of the multi-collections you’ve previously created here – I’ve made one called “Specs”, for example:


The final free upgrade for this week is simple yet a long time coming: the Fair Trade Price for many older cards is now significantly more accurate. For a while (due to a lack of mint-condition copies for sale), the price of a mint Alpha Tundra was around $4. Now it’s a much more accurate $3000.

Does this stuff all sound useful? Great! Sign up for free and you can track your collection’s value over time, get weekly “mtgfinance” news and much more!

We also added several new features for ProTrader, our $4.99 subscription service. I already discussed these features and what we’re working on next at length in the ProTrader-only forums but as a preview, this weeks features were:

  1. “Save filters” – remember that image up above where you could filter your collection? ProTrader’s have the ability to save as many of these filters as they wish and access them with a single click. This gets useful when you have a large collection, since you can quickly check to see which modern-legal commons over $1 that you own, or see how your complete set of Alpha changed in price since a week ago. This is especially useful to those ProTraders that own a store or deal online and need a fast pricing tool for their current inventory.
  2. Clicking the “wrench” icon near the top-right will let you add many new data sources to your collection. Everyone has access to a few extra sources (for example, best buylist price and who is offering it) but ProTraders can customize the list extensively so they see (for example) the ChannelFireball and ABU price of every card in their collection automatically. Everything saves so that you don’t need to set them every time.
  3. For those ProTraders with complete sets, an “Add complete set” lets you add one copy of every card in a set with a single click.

We’ve posted a detailed roadmap of ProTrader features on the forums. If you’re a ProTrader you can read the roadmap here.

If you’re NOT a ProTrader and are interested in what being one gets you, click this link and then click “Tell me more”.

We have a LOT of new features planned, both for ProTraders and free users. If you have any specific requests, please post them in the comments below!


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