Brainstorm Brewery #166 – Absence Makes the Heart Grow Indifferent



Hey, guys, my name is Eric. Look, this is a little bit awkward. I got a Skype call from Ryan, Marcel and Jason this week and they said “Don’t do regular show notes, instead tell everyone we’re doing a vote to see if Corbin is getting kicked off of the podcast.” They insisted they were serious but it sounded like they had all been drinking. I heard what I assume was Ryan and Jason high-fiving each other. I tried calling them back to see if they were really serious and they’re not picking up. I have like 10 minutes for them to get back to me before I have to submit the shownotes and if I don’t hear different, they’re going out like this. Anyway, if this was a prank and the guys get a lot of e-mails saying to kick Corbin off the cast, this wasn’t my fault. I’m just a guy helping out for a chunk of the Patreon money. If you’re reading this, they never got back to me, or I guess they were serious when they said to do the show notes like this. Either way, I really hope I don’t get fired, this wasn’t my fault. – Eric, the show notes guy


Are you sick of Corbin Hosler? Here’s your chance! If you don’t want him on the cast anymore, e-mail If you say something that is funny, not mean-spirited and is readable on the cast, we may read a few.


I don’t feel good about this, but I bet no one reads shownotes anyway and we’ll be fine. – Eric


  • Corbin is missing. We assume an old country road, a dog and a pikcup truck is involved.
  • New set, new cards! Taste it!
  • E-mails are read. E-mail? I don’t remember if it was one or two. Give me a break.
  • Pick of the Week is back!
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