Lots of small improvements

We added lots of small improvements and bug fixes this morning. Some examples:

  • Ebay prices for certain big cards were misleading. For example, we found an alpha black lotus for $2.95 plus $15,000 shipping. With thinly-traded cars, we often have to rely on a simply average of list prices. The ebay prices were throwing this average off so we added some more sanity checks to ensure that the Fair Trade Price really is a fair one.
  • By default, we now don’t show any vendor on the graph that currently has zero items in stock. You can see how much the vendor charged historically by clicking the checkbox next to that vendor’s name.
  • We significantly (around 1000%) increased the speed of certain key pages. Ultimately, our goal is to have every page on the site fully loaded in your browser in less than 2 seconds, including images.

Other than that, we’re working hard on bringing the collection/ wish list tracking with alerts. The plan is to open this up to people who have signed up to be early beta testers within the next week and to everyone a few days after that.

Good trading to all of you!