Return to Ravnica Prices Are Now Live!


Here are the top 5 cards by price as of today (Nov 10):

Jace, Architect of Thought     $38.74

What do you need to know? It’s Jace. Boom.

Overgrown Tomb     $24.71

Now we get to see what it looks like inside! As one of the shocklands, Overgrown Tomb is useful as well as valuable.


Angel of Serenity     $15.61

This angel is an unbelievably versatile finishing card.

Hallowed Fountain     $15.16

Another shockland!

Temple Garden     $14.81

Along with Overgrown Tomb and Hallowed Fountain, Temple Garden is a returning shockland from Ravnica, of only five such shocklands. All five, incidentally, feature impressive art by prolific MTG artist Rob Alexander.


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