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A note from the team at

The last six months have been quite a ride for We’ve gone from roughly 300,000 pageviews a month to over 1.5 million in a slow month. Our “unique users” rates have similarly increased – last month we had almost 125,000 individual magic players use the site. Our growth rates are high and we’re continuing to grow at almost 40% month over month.


With the increase in users, we are starting to slip when it comes to fixing bugs and delivering new features. Just keeping the site running takes quite a bit of effort and we’d very much like to add some new tools. To help with this, we have made an agreement with out current part-time developer to vastly increase his hours in order to get caught up with bug fixes and building new features.

To date, we have personally spent over seven thousand dollars building Our monthly bills for hosting, writers and development costs are many thousands of dollars. While the site mostly covers these costs, we don’t have much room for growth at the speed we’d like to see. A few users have asked for the ability to help support the site. Because of this, we have the following proposal:


– $100 single-time payment.
– Have ProTrader forever. No monthly fees!
– Limited to exactly 100 users.
– Goal is to get $10,000 together to pay for development of the features below.

Sound good? Sign up HERE or read on for details. (NOTE: you MUST have at least a free account in order to sign up for lifetime. If you don’t, you will be asked to create one. Once you do, please just re-visit the above link to sign up.)

EDIT: If you see “your 14 day trial begins” in the confirmation screen, please ignore it – you are fully signed up, this is just due to the one-off nature of the signup form.

We plan on using the money in the following ways:

Expanded ProTrader Tools That We Plan On Building

  • ProTrader bug fixes: we have a number of outstanding issues with the ProTrader tools. Fixing these is priority #1.
  • **Hourly updates** instead of daily (“large” email once per day, occasional hourly alerts if “most interesting cards” changes or arbs change)
  • “Best Deals per Vendor” tool: shows the best possible deals from a given vendor. Especially useful if you have some store credit you want to use up.
  • Advanced arbitrage tool: includes store credit calculations and ebay/amazon as a source plus hourly updates.
  • Weekly/Monthly trends emails: Sent every Friday, these emails will cover longer-running trends.
  • Community Tools: share specs, store reviews and card discussions with other ProTraders. A premium community with premium users.
  • Custom daily report based on a ProTrader’s unique collection and wishlist.
  • Advanced Trade Tracker: Track store credit at each store, cash spent, transaction costs (fees to ebay, postage etc.) to ensure you are making money with your MTGFinance activities.

Things for Everyone

  • Bug fixes! We have 116 bugs listed against the main site, from minor (wrong alternate art image) to major (autocomplete sucks). We want them all fixed, yesterday.
  • Free MTG Finance blog content with high-quality, paid writers every day, not just four days a week.
  • Sealed product prices.
  • MTGO prices: MTGO can impact paper prices. We will show both.
  • More US vendors: there are 4-5 other large vendors we would like to cover.
  • International vendors: We plan to add the EU, UK, Japan and then others, in that order.
  • Foreign cards
  • Card condition tracking and pricing.
  • Trade Tracker: Track the cards you traded away and what you got in return. Review past trades to see how they worked out in the end.
  • Fair Trade Wizard: Simple trading tool for in-person trading.
  • Trade Matcher: Enter a username and see the best trades you can make with that user using both of your wishlists and trade lists!
  • Social Tools: A personal collection page that can be shared and viewed by others.

Once the above is complete, we MAY offer a final 100 ProTrader LIFETIME subscriptions to help fund the development of an official app for Android and iOS. This is our #1 most requested feature but in order to build it, we need the above work to be completed first. This is the only other time that we plan to (possibly) offer a lifetime subscription.

Important Notes:

  • ProTrader LIFETIME lasts for as long as exists. Once you buy it, it’s yours forever without any further direct payment.
  • Limited to 100 users total (with an option for 100 more users if needed to fund a mobile app).
  • The lifetime subscription is not transferrable to anyone else.
  • Since this money is being used to fund new development, unfortunately we cannot offer refunds. Please use our 14 day free trial if you are interested in testing out ProTrader before purchase.
  • New development takes time. Every penny you spend will be spent on development but it will be several months before the above tasks are completed. While we plan on working on tasks in the above order, the order may change over time.
  • The ProTrader offering WILL change over time. We cannot guarantee that any specific vendor will always be included in the offering. Features will change over time as well as new development work is undertaken.
  • We love you.

Help us build the best MTG pricing tool on the planet! Click HERE to sign up for ProTrader LIFETIME. (NOTE: you MUST have at least a free account in order to sign up for lifetime. If you don’t, you will be asked to create one. Once you do, please just re-visit the above link to sign up.)

Need to pay via PayPal? Send an email to and we can process the payment manually.

Thanks for helping make great!

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  1. It is sad you have the pro-trade for limited people, I would like to have it but right now I just don´t have the time, hope you all do well because this site is great.

  2. I would really like to see a seller’s portal type of thing where you search for a specific card, and it brings up each person’s collection that has them and how many they have. That way you can perhaps help each person out by moving their unwanted items, and perhaps do trades between each party.

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