The Great Modern Uncommon and Common Search – Data Crunching Part 2

By: Jared Yost

Drawing inspiration from my coverage of Khans uncommons and commons, I decided to put together a list that was slightly more… ambitious. I figured, if there was value in deciding which uncommons and commons from the latest set have financial implications, why not look into even more sets for other gems that have maintained or increased in value over the years?

I also wanted to expand a bit more on my work for modern buylist data crunching, which involved seeing which vendors that MTGPrice tracked (I later completed a review of Card Kingdom) offered the highest buylist prices on average. However, some players aren’t really going to care about shopping around – they have a buylist that they use and will continue using that buylist because it is convenient for them rather than always splitting up orders between multiple buylists. So the question becomes, instead of which buylist offers the best prices what are the cards I should be looking out for in general that will sell well to almost any buylist? Odds are you are going to be selling lots of bulk picks to a buylist, so I wanted to see what the most valuable Modern uncommons and commons that go to buylists in general are.

I hope this article will prove useful to bulk pickers, those tireless souls that spend hours upon hours looking through bulk boxes for the gems that the rest of us find useful. If there is enough interest, I can continue tracking the value of uncommons and commons for the remaining older sets in the Magic (barring sets like Alpha, where basically every card is worth $5 or more).

For now though, I think Modern is a good starting point because it is the newest eternal format that is gaining interest again due to the Onslaught fetchlands being reprinted in Khans. There are many uncommons and commons on the list (see appendix) that have popped up in Modern builds over the past year and have gained some value due to being discovered as useful in the format.

However, a large majority of the uncommons and commons on this list have maintained value due to casual demand. Casuals drive a large part of the demand from the market, so when you see cards like Salt Marsh, Zombify, and Mirrodin’s Core being listed on buylists you really shouldn’t be that surprised. As Anthony Capece recapped in a groundbreaking MTG finance piece last November, cards from newer sets are printed in vastly higher quantities than older sets. Starting with Innistrad, the card printers that Wizards contracts to make Magic must have been jumping for joy from the amount of work that Wizards (Hasbro, really) sent their way.

This is also reflected in the pricing data. Before arriving at Innistrad, I could find numerous uncommons and commons from the pre-Innistrad sets that retailed for $0.50 or more on TCGPlayer. The number of post-Innistrad uncommons and commons that retail for $0.50 on TCGPlayer (barring Modern Masters and Conspiracy, of course) are noticeably lower. Khans being the only exception, since the set is so new still that we’ll need a year for the uncommons and commons to be printed into oblivion and decrease in price too.

OK, so you’re probably wondering what trends I’ve found after glancing through that appendix. Let’s first start with the most expensive uncommons and commons by retail price that are legal in Modern. I will refer to as Tier 1 uncommons and commons.

TCGPlayer Retail – Tier 1 Modern Uncommons and Commons

Card Name Set TCGPlayer Value Avg Buylist
Sensei’s Divining Top* Champions of Kamigawa $25.99 $14.78
Aether Vial Darksteel $21.93 $15.64
Aven Mindcensor Future Sight $11.98 $7.50
Remand Ravnica: City of Guilds $11.39 $9.50
Counterbalance Coldsnap $9.67 $6.92
Cursecatcher Shadowmoor $8.36 $4.12
Serum Visions Fifth Dawn $6.97 $4.50
Ghostly Prison Champions of Kamigawa $6.94 $3.46
Flames of the Blood Hand Betrayers of Kamigawa $6.02 $4.20
Lightning Greaves Mirrodin $5.99 $4.00
Dryad Arbor Future Sight $5.99 $3.50
Inquisition of Kozilek Rise of the Eldrazi $5.99 $3.69
Path to Exile Conflux $5.82 $2.95
Path to Exile Modern Masters $5.74 $3.50
Merrow Reejerey Lorwyn $5.50 $2.00
Skullclamp* Darksteel $5.24 $3.92
Heritage Druid Morningtide $5.17 $2.28
Stoke the Flames M15 $4.91 $3.50
Tolaria West Future Sight $4.80 $3.00
Imperious Perfect Lorwyn $4.54 $2.95
Isochron Scepter Mirrodin $4.51 $4.60
Harmonic Sliver Time Spiral $4.25 $3.96
Kitchen Finks Shadowmoor $4.19 $1.91
Kitchen Finks Modern Masters $3.88 $2.05
Might of Old Krosa Time Spiral $3.81 $1.75
Keen Sense Planar Chaos $3.80 $2.00

*Not Modern format legal

Not surprising here is that many of these card are Modern or Legacy tournament staples, such as Sensei’s Divining Top and Aether Vial. However, cards like Ghostly Prison, Lightning Greaves, Imperious Perfect, and Harmonic Sliver are the casual gold I was talking about that usually comes out of these bulk boxes because players focused on tournament play don’t care about them. If you continue on to the next 25 or so cards with higher retail values you will continue to see more casual cards show up in the list. These are your Tier 2 Modern uncommons and commons.

TCGPlayer Retail – Tier 2 Modern Uncommons and Commons

Card Name Set TCGPlayer Value Avg Buylist
Tectonic Edge Worldwake $3.79 $1.00
Hinder Champions of Kamigawa $3.75 $1.30
Silvergill Adept Lorwyn $3.75 $2.00
Smash to Smithereens Shadowmoor $3.66 $2.00
Spell Snare Dissension $3.57 $2.95
Shattering Spree Guildpact $3.50 $2.08
Spell Snare Modern Masters $3.49 $2.25
Gilder Bairn Eventide $3.45 $2.77
Necrotic Sliver Planar Chaos $3.30 $2.31
Shatterstorm 10th Edition $3.25 $1.65
Beseech the Queen Shadowmoor $3.23 $1.50
Ancient Ziggurat Conflux $3.15 $2.27
Sylvan Scrying 10th Edition $3.13 $1.38
Liliana’s Caress M11 $3.00 $1.93
Mind Funeral Alara Reborn $2.99 $2.06
Squelch Champions of Kamigawa $2.93 $1.80
Lightning Helix Ravnica: City of Guilds $2.92 $1.25
Steelshaper’s Gift Fifth Dawn $2.90 $1.03
Lightning Helix Modern Masters $2.89 $1.52
Simian Spirit Guide Planar Chaos $2.86 $1.15
Sylvan Scrying Mirrodin $2.85 $1.22
Mind Funeral Modern Masters $2.85 $1.55
Hedron Crab Zendikar $2.65 $1.50
Sowing Salt Betrayers of Kamigawa $2.59 $0.92
Elvish Promenade Lorwyn $2.59 $1.50
Mishra’s Bauble Coldsnap $2.52 $1.70


This list is where we start seeing cards like Hedron Crab and Mind Funeral – cards that might be tournament playable under the right circumstances but really are just popular with casual mill players looking to build sixty card mill decks, using only the best mill cards available from Magic’s history. I can keep going like this, tiering cards out based on price, though again I will emphasize that all of my research is located in the appendix which is the reference that you can use to take a look at the multitude of cards I’ve found.

Instead I would like to showcase the highest buylist prices and lowest spreads that I found. I’ll cover the highest buylist prices out of the data set next.

TCGPlayer Retail – Highest Buylist Modern Uncommons and Commons

Card Name Set TCGPlayer Value Avg Buylist
Aether Vial Darksteel $21.93 $15.64
Sensei’s Divining Top* Champions of Kamigawa $25.99 $14.78
Remand Ravnica: City of Guilds $11.39 $9.50
Aven Mindcensor Future Sight $11.98 $7.50
Counterbalance Coldsnap $9.67 $6.92
Isochron Scepter Mirrodin $4.51 $4.60
Serum Visions Fifth Dawn $6.97 $4.50
Flames of the Blood Hand Betrayers of Kamigawa $6.02 $4.20
Cursecatcher Shadowmoor $8.36 $4.12
Lightning Greaves Mirrodin $5.99 $4.00
Harmonic Sliver Time Spiral $4.25 $3.96
Skullclamp* Darksteel $5.24 $3.92
Inquisition of Kozilek Rise of the Eldrazi $5.99 $3.69
Dryad Arbor Future Sight $5.99 $3.50
Path to Exile Modern Masters $5.74 $3.50
Stoke the Flames M15 $4.91 $3.50
Ghostly Prison Champions of Kamigawa $6.94 $3.46
Tolaria West Future Sight $4.80 $3.00
Path to Exile Conflux $5.82 $2.95
Imperious Perfect Lorwyn $4.54 $2.95
Spell Snare Dissension $3.57 $2.95
Gilder Bairn Eventide $3.45 $2.77
Necrotic Sliver Planar Chaos $3.30 $2.31
Heritage Druid Morningtide $5.17 $2.28

*Not Modern format legal

I wanted to see what the most valuable cards on a buylist were, on average, for Modern uncommons and commons. Yes, Aether Vial and Sensei’s Divining Top made this list again, no surprises there. But did you know some stores are paying $3.50 for Stoke the Flames, an M15 uncommon? That seems like pretty easy money to me there – take out all those Stokes that you drafted during M15 and make a nice bit of cash from them, especially since when it rotates from Standard that price is going to tank really hard. There is no way in the long run that Stoke the Flames has a higher buylist price than Heritage Druid, Imperious Perfect, and Path to Exile.

Something that jumped out to me right away is that Isochron Scepter has arbitrage right now – there is a buylist out there buying Isochron Scepters for more than TCGPlayer retail. Seems like a good time to pick up some Scepters before TCGPlayer retail catches up with the demand. Speaking of which, let’s see from the appendix data which cards have arbitrate opportunities or low spreads.

Arbitrage Opportunities / Lowest Spreads

Card Name Set TCGPlayer Value Buylist Value Spread
Psychotrope Thallid Planar Chaos $0.99 $1.04 -5.05%
Isochron Scepter Mirrodin $4.51 $4.60 -2.00%
Thirst for Knowledge Modern Masters $0.50 $0.50 0.00%
Talisman of Dominance Mirrodin $0.53 $0.50 5.66%
Harmonic Sliver Time Spiral $4.25 $3.96 6.82%
Leatherback Baloth Worldwake $0.68 $0.63 7.35%
Bile Blight Born of the Gods $0.59 $0.53 10.17%
Banishing Light Journey Into Nyx $1.95 $1.75 10.26%
Chromatic Star 10th Edition $1.43 $1.25 12.59%
Pathrazer of Ulamog Rise of the Eldrazi $1.94 $1.69 12.89%
Swarm of Rats 8th Edition $0.75 $0.64 14.67%
Remand Ravnica: City of Guilds $11.39 $9.50 16.59%
Telekinetic Sliver Time Spiral $0.60 $0.50 16.67%
Spell Snare Dissension $3.57 $2.95 17.37%
Electrolyze Guildpact $2.00 $1.65 17.50%
Gilder Bairn Eventide $3.45 $2.77 19.71%
Serra Angel M15 $0.54 $0.43 20.37%
Great Furnace Mirrodin $0.73 $0.58 20.55%
Terminate Alara Reborn $0.99 $0.78 21.21%
Fabricate Mirrodin $1.83 $1.43 21.86%
Lava Spike Champions of Kamigawa $1.49 $1.16 22.15%
Drove of Elves Shadowmoor $1.82 $1.41 22.53%
Molten Rain Mirrodin $1.19 $0.92 22.69%
Spectral Procession Shadowmoor $1.62 $1.25 22.84%
Treetop Village 10th Edition $1.47 $1.13 23.13%
Rift Bolt Modern Masters $1.20 $0.90 25.00%
Skullclamp* Darksteel $5.24 $3.92 25.19%
Genesis Chamber Darksteel $2.40 $1.75 27.08%
Blackmail 9th Edition $1.83 $1.32 27.87%
Ancient Ziggurat Conflux $3.15 $2.27 27.94%

 *Not Modern format legal

I’m betting this is the list that surprised most of you. These are the cards that have arbitrage and the lowest spread out of the entire list. Yes, that’s right – Psychotrope Thallid, a card that I didn’t even know existed, currently has the lowest spread amongst all Modern legal uncommons and commons. Card Kingdom is buying these guys for more than what TCGPlayer is selling on average. Also among the negative spread club are Mirrodin Isochron Scepters which are also being bought by Card Kingdom. Again, these numbers tell me that I should probably pick up some copies of these uncommons in anticipation of a climb in retail price in the future. However, this is definitely much riskier than a rare or mythic rare arbitrage opportunity because a reprint of an uncommon will kill the current price and wipe out the arbitrage.

Bile Blight and Banishing Light seem to be very popular Standard uncommons, so any extras of these you have can be sent back to buylists and give you good value. Random casual uncommons and commons with low spreads include such cards as Talisman of Dominance, Harmonic Sliver, Leatherback Baloth, Pathrazer of Ulamog, Swarm of Rats, Telekinetic Sliver, Gilder Bairn, Terminate, Drove of Elves, and Ancient Ziggurat.

Final Thoughts

Always be on the lookout for hot Modern uncommons and commons. There are certain casually popular uncommons and commons especially that fly under the radar but at the same time are flying off the shelves of game stores around the country (and even the globe!). Picking bulk has always been a good path to gaining value out of your collection, or a recently acquired collection, and I hope that this article shows that value through exhibiting both tournament and casual retail and buylist prices.

Arbitrage is present, however unlike rares and mythics uncommons and commons are much more risky to try and make profits by buying single cards in mass quantities. At any time Wizards could reprint that uncommon or common if the demand is present. Feel free to pick up undervalued uncommons and commons but make sure you time your offloading them correctly.

Finally, here is the appendix I have been referring to throughout the entire article. Please feel free to print it out and reference it the next time you are sit down to pick through Modern bulk.


Appendix – Modern Uncommon and Common Master List


All pre-Innistrad cards from sets have a TCGPlayer retail value of $0.50 or more. All Innistrad and later set cards have a TCGPlayer retail value of $0.25 or more.

Sets cover Eighth Edition through Khans of Tarkir.

SetCard NameTCGPlayer ValueBuylist ValueSpread
10th EditionChromatic Star1.431.250.12587412587413
10th EditionTreetop Village1.471.130.2312925170068
10th EditionMind Stone0.750.540.28
10th EditionTelling Time0.530.290.45283018867925
10th EditionPrimal Rage1.470.80.45578231292517
10th EditionSoul Warden0.760.40.47368421052632
10th EditionShatterstorm3.251.650.49230769230769
10th EditionWhispersilk Cloak0.690.340.50724637681159
10th EditionSylvan Scrying3.131.380.5591054313099
10th EditionSpark Elemental0.590.260.55932203389831
10th EditionRelentless Rats1.660.730.56024096385542
10th EditionAura of Silence1.940.790.59278350515464
10th EditionRule of Law1.320.480.63636363636364
10th EditionFaerie Conclave10.360.64
10th EditionOrnithopter0.560.090.83928571428571
10th EditionMogg Fanatic0.590.090.84745762711864
10th EditionBlanchwood Armor0.730.090.87671232876712
10th EditionDiabolic Tutor0.650.060.90769230769231
8th EditionSwarm of Rats0.750.640.14666666666667
8th EditionChoke1.340.890.33582089552239
8th EditionUrza's Power Plant1.580.990.37341772151899
8th EditionUrza's Tower1.610.90.44099378881988
8th EditionUrza's Mine1.540.590.61688311688312
8th EditionCoastal Piracy0.560.180.67857142857143
8th EditionStory Circle0.950.30.68421052631579
8th EditionNoble Purpose0.540.170.68518518518519
8th EditionSerra Angel0.510.080.84313725490196
8th EditionMerchant Scroll0.990.150.84848484848485
8th EditionZombify0.590.070.88135593220339
8th EditionFecundity0.560.060.89285714285714
8th EditionCuriosity0.650.060.90769230769231
8th EditionAmbition's Cost0.730.050.93150684931507
8th EditionSalt Marsh0.530.020.9622641509434
9th EditionBlackmail1.831.320.27868852459016
9th EditionSerra's Blessing10.720.28
9th EditionSummer Bloom1.561.090.30128205128205
9th EditionUrza's Mine1.51.030.31333333333333
9th EditionGift of Estates2.491.670.32931726907631
9th EditionUrza's Tower1.7510.42857142857143
9th EditionSwarm of Rats0.970.50.48453608247423
9th EditionUrza's Power Plant1.860.840.54838709677419
9th EditionKird Ape0.980.430.56122448979592
9th EditionSleight of Hand2.4310.58847736625514
9th EditionSeething Song1.090.390.64220183486239
9th EditionSoul Warden0.740.20.72972972972973
9th EditionRewind0.560.090.83928571428571
9th EditionCruel Edict0.580.070.87931034482759
9th EditionZombify0.710.070.90140845070423
9th EditionDiabolic Tutor0.530.050.90566037735849
9th EditionBlanchwood Armor0.530.030.94339622641509
Alara RebornTerminate0.990.780.21212121212121
Alara RebornMind Funeral2.992.060.31103678929766
Alara RebornLorescale Coatl1.811.210.33149171270718
Alara RebornQasali Pridemage1.50.80.46666666666667
Alara RebornMage Slayer1.010.50.5049504950495
Alara RebornBloodbraid Elf1.620.780.51851851851852
Alara RebornWall of Denial1.660.650.60843373493976
Alara RebornZealous Persecution0.840.130.8452380952381
Alara RebornArdent Plea0.880.120.86363636363636
Avacyn RestoredLightning Mauler0.330.090.72727272727273
Avacyn RestoredBlood Artist1.80.480.73333333333333
Avacyn RestoredWolfir Avenger0.30.050.83333333333333
Avacyn RestoredThunderous Wrath0.2901
Betrayers of KamigawaFlames of the Blood Hand6.024.20.30232558139535
Betrayers of KamigawaSosuke's Summons0.520.260.5
Betrayers of KamigawaThroat Slitter1.050.520.5047619047619
Betrayers of KamigawaSowing Salt2.590.920.64478764478764
Betrayers of KamigawaNinja of the Deep Hours0.690.070.89855072463768
Born of the GodsBile Blight0.590.530.10169491525424
Born of the GodsSearing Blood0.920.440.52173913043478
Born of the GodsDrown in Sorrow0.880.420.52272727272727
Born of the GodsSpringleaf Drum0.520.220.57692307692308
Born of the GodsArchetype of Courage0.490.20.59183673469388
Born of the GodsFanatic of Xenagos0.330.050.84848484848485
Born of the GodsRagemonger0.340.050.85294117647059
Born of the GodsKiora's Follower0.2901
Champions of KamigawaLava Spike1.491.160.22147651006711
Champions of KamigawaDesperate Ritual0.790.50.36708860759494
Champions of KamigawaSquelch2.931.80.38566552901024
Champions of KamigawaSensei's Divining Top25.9914.780.43131973836091
Champions of KamigawaGhostly Prison6.943.460.5014409221902
Champions of KamigawaTime of Need0.850.380.55294117647059
Champions of KamigawaHinder3.751.30.65333333333333
Champions of KamigawaKodama's Reach0.770.10.87012987012987
Champions of KamigawaSakura-Tribe Elder0.80.090.8875
ColdsnapColdsteel Heart1.671.160.30538922155689
ColdsnapRite of Flame1.731.20.30635838150289
ColdsnapMishra's Bauble2.521.70.32539682539683
ColdsnapStromgald Crusader2.281.250.45175438596491
ColdsnapMartyr of Sands1.210.490.59504132231405
ColdsnapLightning Storm0.570.20.64912280701754
ColdsnapRune Snag0.790.240.69620253164557
ColdsnapArctic Flats0.830.240.71084337349398
ColdsnapBlizzard Specter0.930.220.76344086021505
ColdsnapFrost Marsh0.940.220.76595744680851
ColdsnapJuniper Order Ranger1.180.190.83898305084746
ColdsnapTresserhorn Sinks0.640.060.90625
ColdsnapBoreal Shelf0.680.060.91176470588235
ColdsnapJötun Grunt0.740.060.91891891891892
ColdsnapKrovikan Mist0.5101
ConfluxAncient Ziggurat3.152.270.27936507936508
ConfluxPath to Exile5.822.950.49312714776632
ConfluxReliquary Tower2.4810.59677419354839
ConfluxHellspark Elemental0.950.240.74736842105263
ConfluxVolcanic Fallout0.790.090.88607594936709
ConspiracySwords to Plowshares2.271.220.4625550660793
ConspiracyDeathreap Ritual0.260.120.53846153846154
ConspiracyVolcanic Fallout0.30.10.66666666666667
ConspiracySquirrel Nest0.750.250.66666666666667
ConspiracyFact or Fiction0.550.060.89090909090909
ConspiracySplit Decision0.30.020.93333333333333
ConspiracySakura-Tribe Elder0.3701
Dark AscensionImmerwolf0.420.160.61904761904762
Dark AscensionStromkirk Captain0.470.080.82978723404255
Dark AscensionChalice of Life0.360.060.83333333333333
Dark AscensionThought Scour0.330.050.84848484848485
Dark AscensionDiregraf Captain0.450.050.88888888888889
Dark AscensionLingering Souls0.470.050.8936170212766
Dark AscensionTragic Slip0.410.020.95121951219512
Dark AscensionStrangleroot Geist0.420.020.95238095238095
Dark AscensionDrogskol Captain0.2901
Dark AscensionPyreheart Wolf0.2801
DarksteelGenesis Chamber2.41.750.27083333333333
DarksteelÆther Vial21.9315.640.28682170542636
DarksteelDarksteel Citadel1.470.20.86394557823129
DarksteelMirrodin's Core0.510.050.90196078431373
DarksteelArcbound Crusher0.730.070.9041095890411
DissensionSpell Snare3.572.950.17366946778711
DissensionPlaxcaster Frogling10.50.5
DissensionCoiling Oracle0.940.410.56382978723404
DissensionUtopia Sprawl2.080.760.63461538461538
DissensionTrygon Predator0.990.320.67676767676768
DissensionSimic Growth Chamber1.080.150.86111111111111
DissensionGhost Quarter0.840.10.88095238095238
Dragon's MazeFar // Away0.390.10.74358974358974
Dragon's MazeWear // Tear0.450.10.77777777777778
Dragon's MazeSpike Jester0.270.050.81481481481481
Dragon's MazePutrefy0.430.050.88372093023256
Dragon's MazeUnflinching Courage0.750.070.90666666666667
Dragon's MazeWarleader's Helix0.3901
Dragon's MazeSin Collector0.3201
Dragon's MazeTurn // Burn0.3101
EventideGilder Bairn3.452.770.19710144927536
EventideBatwing Brume0.890.580.34831460674157
EventideWistful Selkie0.950.340.64210526315789
EventideSlippery Bogle1.420.50.64788732394366
EventideCrumbling Ashes0.910.260.71428571428571
EventideVoracious Hatchling0.630.090.85714285714286
EventideNettle Sentinel0.640.080.875
Fifth DawnEternal Witness2.471.750.2914979757085
Fifth DawnSerum Visions6.974.50.35437589670014
Fifth DawnRelentless Rats1.540.90.41558441558442
Fifth DawnKrark-Clan Ironworks2.271.30.4273127753304
Fifth DawnCranial Plating2.241.170.47767857142857
Fifth DawnNight's Whisper1.30.660.49230769230769
Fifth DawnBlasting Station2.31.050.54347826086957
Fifth DawnMagma Jet1.390.610.56115107913669
Fifth DawnEnergy Chamber1.150.50.56521739130435
Fifth DawnGrafted Wargear1.10.40.63636363636364
Fifth DawnSteelshaper's Gift2.91.030.6448275862069
Fifth DawnCondescend0.580.160.72413793103448
Fifth DawnParadise Mantle1.490.240.83892617449664
Future SightAven Mindcensor11.987.50.37395659432387
Future SightTolaria West4.830.375
Future SightDryad Arbor5.993.50.41569282136895
Future SightUtopia Mycon2.191.250.42922374429224
Future SightLlanowar Reborn0.530.190.64150943396226
Future SightEpochrasite0.760.270.64473684210526
Future SightNarcomoeba1.030.350.66019417475728
Future SightStreet Wraith1.530.480.68627450980392
Future SightSword of the Meek1.410.30.78723404255319
Future SightSpin into Myth0.530.10.81132075471698
GatecrashDuskmantle Guildmage0.460.220.52173913043478
GatecrashAlpha Authority0.350.150.57142857142857
GatecrashBurning-Tree Emissary1.30.50.61538461538462
GatecrashVizkopa Guildmage0.270.10.62962962962963
GatecrashBoros Charm2.380.470.80252100840336
GatecrashGhor-Clan Rampager0.310.060.80645161290323
GatecrashRapid Hybridization0.810.150.81481481481481
GatecrashExperiment One1.150.190.83478260869565
GatecrashFirefist Striker0.310.050.83870967741935
GatecrashWight of Precinct Six0.430.050.88372093023256
GatecrashSimic Charm0.790.090.88607594936709
GatecrashBoros Elite0.490.050.89795918367347
GatecrashOrzhov Charm0.350.030.91428571428571
GatecrashWasteland Viper0.350.030.91428571428571
GatecrashCartel Aristocrat0.260.020.92307692307692
GatecrashThrull Parasite0.280.020.92857142857143
GatecrashDimir Charm0.330.020.93939393939394
GatecrashMadcap Skills0.2801
GuildpactShattering Spree3.52.080.40571428571429
GuildpactSouls of the Faultless1.450.620.57241379310345
InnistradDelver of Secrets10.550.45
InnistradTrepanation Blade0.310.090.70967741935484
InnistradFull Moon's Rise0.290.070.75862068965517
InnistradReckless Waif0.380.090.76315789473684
InnistradDiregraf Ghoul0.310.060.80645161290323
InnistradMidnight Haunting0.260.050.80769230769231
InnistradInvisible Stalker1.040.190.81730769230769
InnistradIntangible Virtue0.30.050.83333333333333
InnistradGhost Quarter0.330.050.84848484848485
InnistradUnburial Rites0.3901
Journey Into NyxBanishing Light1.951.750.1025641025641
Journey Into NyxBrain Maggot0.690.350.49275362318841
Journey Into NyxNyx-Fleece Ram2.360.750.68220338983051
Journey Into NyxDakra Mystic0.320.10.6875
Journey Into NyxNyx Weaver0.490.120.75510204081633
Journey Into NyxGnarled Scarhide1.130.250.7787610619469
Journey Into NyxEidolon of Rhetoric0.270.020.92592592592593
Khans of TarkirMonastery Swiftspear1.750.990.43428571428571
Khans of TarkirAbzan Charm0.710.30.57746478873239
Khans of TarkirDespise0.370.150.59459459459459
Khans of TarkirHordeling Outburst0.350.110.68571428571429
Khans of TarkirMurderous Cut0.80.250.6875
Khans of TarkirSandsteppe Citadel0.610.180.70491803278689
Khans of TarkirTreasure Cruise0.340.10.70588235294118
Khans of TarkirSeeker of the Way0.510.130.74509803921569
Khans of TarkirSuspension Field0.270.050.81481481481481
Khans of TarkirNomad Outpost0.50.070.86
Khans of TarkirOpulent Palace0.510.070.86274509803922
Khans of TarkirJeskai Charm0.660.090.86363636363636
Khans of TarkirMystic Monastery0.520.070.86538461538462
Khans of TarkirMardu Charm0.530.070.86792452830189
Khans of TarkirFrontier Bivouac0.570.070.87719298245614
Khans of TarkirWar-Name Aspirant0.310.020.93548387096774
Khans of TarkirStubborn Denial0.330.020.93939393939394
Khans of TarkirSultai Charm0.530.020.9622641509434
Khans of TarkirTemur Charm0.501
LorwynImperious Perfect4.542.950.35022026431718
LorwynJagged-Scar Archers1.671.010.39520958083832
LorwynElvish Harbinger1.580.930.41139240506329
LorwynElvish Promenade2.591.50.42084942084942
LorwynSilvergill Adept3.7520.46666666666667
LorwynKnight of Meadowgrain2.251.20.46666666666667
LorwynTreefolk Harbinger1.560.660.57692307692308
LorwynMerrow Commerce1.180.440.6271186440678
LorwynMerrow Reejerey5.520.63636363636364
LorwynFlamekin Harbinger1.580.430.72784810126582
LorwynVivid Marsh0.610.150.75409836065574
LorwynVivid Creek0.530.10.81132075471698
LorwynVivid Meadow0.610.10.83606557377049
LorwynSpringleaf Drum1.050.160.84761904761905
LorwynVivid Crag0.620.090.85483870967742
LorwynLys Alana Huntmaster0.530.060.88679245283019
LorwynWren's Run Vanquisher0.860.090.8953488372093
LorwynMad Auntie0.70.060.91428571428571
M10Lightning Bolt1.891.360.28042328042328
M10Relentless Rats1.490.60.59731543624161
M10Soul Warden0.690.140.79710144927536
M11Lightning Bolt1.851.20.35135135135135
M11Liliana's Caress31.930.35666666666667
M11Pyretic Ritual0.950.50.47368421052632
M11Relentless Rats1.480.20.86486486486486
M11Ajani's Pridemate1.030.130.87378640776699
M11Whispersilk Cloak0.590.020.96610169491525
M12Buried Ruin0.510.340.33333333333333
M12Goblin Grenade0.530.20.62264150943396
M12Spirit Mantle1.680.630.625
M12Swiftfoot Boots0.750.150.8
M12Timely Reinforcements0.550.090.83636363636364
M13Reliquary Tower2.491.190.52208835341365
M13Jace's Phantasm1.30.370.71538461538462
M13Vampire Nighthawk0.980.240.75510204081633
M13Mind Sculpt0.390.090.76923076923077
M13Oblivion Ring0.40.090.775
M13Fog Bank10.220.78
M13Knight of Infamy0.290.050.82758620689655
M13Knight of Glory0.460.050.89130434782609
M13Searing Spear0.30.020.93333333333333
M13Tormod's Crypt0.310.020.93548387096774
M13Elixir of Immortality0.330.020.93939393939394
M13Flinthoof Boar0.501
M13Augur of Bolas0.4501
M14Young Pyromancer1.991.40.2964824120603
M14Manaweft Sliver1.741.10.36781609195402
M14Shadowborn Apostle0.940.190.79787234042553
M14Diabolic Tutor0.270.050.81481481481481
M14Elixir of Immortality0.280.050.82142857142857
M14Banisher Priest0.350.050.85714285714286
M14Brave the Elements0.490.060.87755102040816
M14Encroaching Wastes0.2601
M15Serra Angel0.540.430.2037037037037
M15Stoke the Flames4.913.50.28716904276986
M15Furnace Whelp0.480.330.3125
M15Sengir Vampire0.480.330.3125
M15Garruk's Packleader0.520.330.36538461538462
M15Ensoul Artifact1.681.040.38095238095238
M15Illusory Angel0.40.20.5
M15Darksteel Citadel0.990.450.54545454545455
M15Military Intelligence0.290.10.6551724137931
M15Shrapnel Blast0.330.10.6969696969697
M15Venom Sliver0.430.130.69767441860465
M15Diffusion Sliver0.370.110.7027027027027
M15Ajani's Pridemate0.40.10.75
M15Reclamation Sage0.270.020.92592592592593
M15Sunblade Elf0.290.020.93103448275862
M15Leeching Sliver0.40.020.95
MirrodinIsochron Scepter4.514.6-0.019955654101996
MirrodinTalisman of Dominance0.530.50.056603773584906
MirrodinGreat Furnace0.730.580.20547945205479
MirrodinMolten Rain1.190.920.22689075630252
MirrodinLightning Greaves5.9940.3322203672788
MirrodinLoxodon Warhammer1.170.570.51282051282051
MirrodinSylvan Scrying2.851.220.5719298245614
MirrodinWrench Mind1.240.50.59677419354839
MirrodinRule of Law1.270.50.60629921259843
MirrodinSeething Song0.90.340.62222222222222
MirrodinSeat of the Synod1.110.390.64864864864865
MirrodinAncient Den1.330.430.67669172932331
MirrodinCrystal Shard0.780.150.80769230769231
MirrodinShrapnel Blast0.610.10.83606557377049
MirrodinMyr Retriever0.610.050.91803278688525
MirrodinVault of Whispers0.640.050.921875
Mirrodin BesiegedPlague Myr0.260.10.61538461538462
Mirrodin BesiegedGoblin Wardriver0.310.050.83870967741935
Mirrodin BesiegedSignal Pest0.490.070.85714285714286
Mirrodin BesiegedGo for the Throat1.950.050.97435897435897
Modern MastersThirst for Knowledge0.50.50
Modern MastersRift Bolt1.20.90.25
Modern MastersEternal Witness2.441.650.32377049180328
Modern MastersMulldrifter0.50.330.34
Modern MastersManamorphose2.371.560.34177215189873
Modern MastersSpell Snare3.492.250.35530085959885
Modern MastersPath to Exile5.743.50.39024390243902
Modern MastersMind Funeral2.851.550.45614035087719
Modern MastersNarcomoeba0.930.50.46236559139785
Modern MastersKitchen Finks3.882.050.47164948453608
Modern MastersLightning Helix2.891.520.47404844290657
Modern MastersMyr Retriever0.490.250.48979591836735
Modern MastersElectrolyze2.11.060.4952380952381
Modern MastersStreet Wraith0.810.320.60493827160494
Modern MastersSporesower Thallid0.290.10.6551724137931
Modern MastersMogg War Marshal0.390.130.66666666666667
Modern MastersLava Spike1.590.490.69182389937107
Modern MastersVivid Meadow0.510.150.70588235294118
Modern MastersRelic of Progenitus1.290.360.72093023255814
Modern MastersEpochrasite0.450.10.77777777777778
Modern MastersKrosan Grip0.690.150.78260869565217
Modern MastersMad Auntie0.330.070.78787878787879
Modern MastersSpellstutter Sprite0.460.090.80434782608696
Modern MastersRaven's Crime0.360.070.80555555555556
Modern MastersVivid Creek0.480.090.8125
Modern MastersDesperate Ritual0.880.160.81818181818182
Modern MastersAuriok Salvagers0.350.060.82857142857143
Modern MastersParadise Mantle1.270.20.84251968503937
Modern MastersTrygon Predator0.830.120.85542168674699
Modern MastersShrapnel Blast0.550.070.87272727272727
Modern MastersKodama's Reach0.810.10.87654320987654
Modern MastersTidehollow Sculler0.50.060.88
Modern MastersFlickerwisp0.90.090.9
Modern MastersMurderous Redcap0.80.070.9125
Modern MastersEtherium Sculptor0.580.050.91379310344828
Modern MastersEchoing Truth0.40.030.925
Modern MastersReach of Branches0.280.020.92857142857143
Modern MastersTribal Flames0.280.020.92857142857143
Modern MastersWorm Harvest0.30.020.93333333333333
Modern MastersPestermite0.410.020.95121951219512
Modern MastersVivid Crag0.480.020.95833333333333
Modern MastersVivid Grove0.490.020.95918367346939
Modern MastersVivid Marsh0.490.020.95918367346939
Modern MastersGrapeshot0.4801
Modern MastersEmpty the Warrens0.4101
Modern MastersDakmor Salvage0.3101
Modern MastersMyr Enforcer0.301
Modern MastersPlumeveil0.2701
Modern MastersMasked Admirers0.2601
MorningtideHeritage Druid5.172.280.55899419729207
MorningtideShard Volley1.330.550.58646616541353
MorningtideOona's Blackguard0.60.170.71666666666667
MorningtideBramblewood Paragon0.970.20.79381443298969
MorningtideThornbite Staff0.520.070.86538461538462
New PhyrexiaGitaxian Probe2.221.250.43693693693694
New PhyrexiaMindcrank2.321.280.44827586206897
New PhyrexiaDispatch1.560.850.45512820512821
New PhyrexiaDismember1.250.650.48
New PhyrexiaBeast Within1.9910.49748743718593
New PhyrexiaNoxious Revival0.80.370.5375
New PhyrexiaVapor Snag0.770.290.62337662337662
New PhyrexiaDeceiver Exarch0.680.250.63235294117647
New PhyrexiaShattered Angel0.680.250.63235294117647
New PhyrexiaMental Misstep0.620.190.69354838709677
New PhyrexiaTezzeret's Gambit0.830.240.71084337349398
New PhyrexiaGut Shot0.60.060.9
New PhyrexiaShrine of Burning Rage0.60.050.91666666666667
New PhyrexiaWhipflare0.60.050.91666666666667
Planar ChaosPsychotrope Thallid0.991.04-0.050505050505051
Planar ChaosRebuff the Wicked1.611.160.27950310559006
Planar ChaosNecrotic Sliver3.32.310.3
Planar ChaosBig Game Hunter0.540.310.42592592592593
Planar ChaosPongify0.930.50.46236559139785
Planar ChaosSinew Sliver1.440.760.47222222222222
Planar ChaosKeen Sense3.820.47368421052632
Planar ChaosHarmonize1.460.750.48630136986301
Planar ChaosÆther Membrane0.750.320.57333333333333
Planar ChaosDawn Charm0.520.210.59615384615385
Planar ChaosSimian Spirit Guide2.861.150.5979020979021
Planar ChaosFrozen Æther0.760.250.67105263157895
Planar ChaosDash Hopes0.820.250.69512195121951
Planar ChaosEssence Warden0.930.240.74193548387097
Planar ChaosPhantasmagorian0.680.130.80882352941176
Planar ChaosKavu Predator0.770.090.88311688311688
Ravnica: City of GuildsRemand11.399.50.16593503072871
Ravnica: City of GuildsLightning Helix2.921.250.57191780821918
Ravnica: City of GuildsTelling Time0.560.220.60714285714286
Ravnica: City of GuildsSuppression Field1.940.720.62886597938144
Ravnica: City of GuildsGolgari Thug1.910.60.68586387434555
Ravnica: City of GuildsDarkblast0.750.190.74666666666667
Ravnica: City of GuildsCongregation at Dawn0.660.10.84848484848485
Ravnica: City of GuildsDimir Aqueduct1.390.210.84892086330935
Ravnica: City of GuildsMuddle the Mixture0.670.090.86567164179104
Ravnica: City of GuildsWatchwolf0.590.050.91525423728814
Ravnica: City of GuildsPutrefy0.690.050.92753623188406
Return to RavnicaShrieking Affliction0.410.250.39024390243902
Return to RavnicaSphere of Safety0.410.120.70731707317073
Return to RavnicaGolgari Charm0.690.190.72463768115942
Return to RavnicaSelesnya Charm0.430.060.86046511627907
Return to RavnicaGuttersnipe0.390.050.87179487179487
Return to RavnicaIzzet Charm0.630.080.87301587301587
Return to RavnicaUltimate Price0.260.030.88461538461538
Return to RavnicaJudge's Familiar0.850.090.89411764705882
Return to RavnicaAzorius Charm0.740.070.90540540540541
Return to RavnicaRakdos Cackler0.310.020.93548387096774
Return to RavnicaSyncopate0.470.030.93617021276596
Return to RavnicaEthereal Armor0.40.020.95
Rise of the EldraziPathrazer of Ulamog1.941.690.12886597938144
Rise of the EldraziInquisition of Kozilek5.993.690.38397328881469
Rise of the EldraziNot of This World0.860.50.41860465116279
Rise of the EldraziWall of Omens1.420.760.46478873239437
Rise of the EldraziDistortion Strike0.990.420.57575757575758
Rise of the EldraziJoraga Treespeaker1.330.490.63157894736842
Rise of the EldraziSoul's Attendant0.950.330.65263157894737
Rise of the EldraziArtisan of Kozilek1.930.660.6580310880829
Rise of the EldraziHyena Umbra1.270.390.69291338582677
Rise of the EldraziAncient Stirrings0.640.140.78125
Saviors of KamigawaHand of Honor0.880.50.43181818181818
Saviors of KamigawaO-Naginata0.560.240.57142857142857
Saviors of KamigawaManriki-Gusari0.970.240.75257731958763
Scars of MirrodinPalladium Myr0.870.330.62068965517241
Scars of MirrodinIchorclaw Myr0.890.330.62921348314607
Scars of MirrodinMemnite1.10.380.65454545454545
Scars of MirrodinExsanguinate1.250.430.656
Scars of MirrodinMyr Galvanizer0.770.070.90909090909091
ShadowmoorDrove of Elves1.821.410.22527472527473
ShadowmoorSpectral Procession1.621.250.2283950617284
ShadowmoorUmbral Mantle1.991.20.39698492462312
ShadowmoorSmash to Smithereens3.6620.45355191256831
ShadowmoorShield of the Oversoul1.520.830.45394736842105
ShadowmoorGuttural Response0.940.50.46808510638298
ShadowmoorLeechridden Swamp1.20.60.5
ShadowmoorBoggart Ram-Gang0.860.40.53488372093023
ShadowmoorBeseech the Queen3.231.50.53560371517028
ShadowmoorMistveil Plains2.261.040.53982300884956
ShadowmoorKitchen Finks4.191.910.54415274463007
ShadowmoorBloodmark Mentor0.820.330.59756097560976
ShadowmoorKulrath Knight1.210.480.60330578512397
ShadowmoorPrison Term0.890.350.60674157303371
ShadowmoorInkfathom Infiltrator1.30.50.61538461538462
ShadowmoorSteel of the Godhead0.850.250.70588235294118
ShadowmoorCerulean Wisps1.540.290.81168831168831
ShadowmoorMurderous Redcap0.910.150.83516483516484
ShadowmoorWilt-Leaf Cavaliers0.740.050.93243243243243
Shards of AlaraWild Nacatl0.980.30.69387755102041
Shards of AlaraSeaside Citadel1.710.520.69590643274854
Shards of AlaraSavage Lands1.080.240.77777777777778
Shards of AlaraCrumbling Necropolis10.220.78
Shards of AlaraBlightning0.830.180.78313253012048
Shards of AlaraRelic of Progenitus1.290.270.7906976744186
Shards of AlaraArcane Sanctum1.610.310.80745341614907
Shards of AlaraJungle Shrine1.070.190.82242990654206
Shards of AlaraBant Charm0.670.10.85074626865672
Shards of AlaraEtherium Sculptor0.620.070.88709677419355
Shards of AlaraTidehollow Sculler0.540.050.90740740740741
Shards of AlaraSigiled Paladin0.750.060.92
TherosMagma Jet0.560.370.33928571428571
TherosFavored Hoplite0.290.060.79310344827586
TherosPhalanx Leader0.310.060.80645161290323
TherosFanatic of Mogis0.3301
TherosLightning Strike0.2901
Time SpiralHarmonic Sliver4.253.960.068235294117647
Time SpiralTelekinetic Sliver0.60.50.16666666666667
Time SpiralRift Bolt10.670.33
Time SpiralSpinneret Sliver0.630.380.3968253968254
Time SpiralGemhide Sliver0.980.50.48979591836735
Time SpiralParadox Haze1.930.90.53367875647668
Time SpiralDread Return1.250.580.536
Time SpiralMight of Old Krosa3.811.750.54068241469816
Time SpiralSidewinder Sliver0.530.160.69811320754717
Time SpiralChromatic Star1.260.360.71428571428571
Time SpiralKrosan Grip0.690.150.78260869565217
Time SpiralReturn to Dust1.190.240.79831932773109
Time SpiralMight Sliver0.70.10.85714285714286
Time SpiralVampiric Sliver0.550.050.90909090909091
WorldwakeLeatherback Baloth0.680.630.073529411764706
WorldwakeTectonic Edge3.7910.73614775725594
WorldwakeEverflowing Chalice0.920.210.77173913043478
ZendikarHedron Crab2.651.50.43396226415094
ZendikarSpell Pierce2.221.20.45945945945946
ZendikarVines of Vastwood1.910.850.55497382198953
ZendikarGatekeeper of Malakir0.790.290.63291139240506
ZendikarSpreading Seas0.60.210.65
ZendikarVampire Nighthawk0.960.320.66666666666667
ZendikarExpedition Map1.430.420.70629370629371
ZendikarBrave the Elements0.560.040.92857142857143


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