Live Update from #GPVegas

By: Travis Allen

It’s nice and toasty here in Las Vegas, and the cards on the floor are not much different than the weather. With a good twenty vendors or more spanning the hall, cards are moving fast and furious. There aren’t many booths where you can just walk up and sit down with the buyers, and some have lines that last upwards of thirty minutes! I’m hearing that some vendors have already spent nearly (or above) $200,000!  This is just the beginning too. The hall is noticeably busier than yesterday, and it’s still not anywhere close to full size or attendance.

So what’s moving?

  • The best buylist price I’ve seen on Tarmogoyf today is $125. Tomorrow will be when it takes the biggest dip, between 6pm and 11pm. That’s around when most players that aren’t in the running for day two will be looking to move the cards from their pools. Buylist numbers could drop into the sub-$100 range at this point in time.
  • Many Modern staples will be opened this weekend, but it may not be as many as you think. I’ve seen estimates of roughly 1,500 of a specific mythic, say Goyf, being opened. Assuming this is accurate, that’s about 375 playsets. I’m willing to bet there are more than 375 players in the room of Vegas still looking for a set of Goyfs. Rebounds on MM2015 cards may happen quick.
  • I found a single vendor with copies of Cunning Wish in stock, and they wanted $25. Keep an eye out tonight at your LGS for any copies in the display case.
  • Playmat redemption is only for five hours Sunday morning; from 7am until Noon. That’s going to make it tough to turn main event mats into the Vendilion Clique mats. I expect not many players will manage to make it in to accomplish this. There will be a lot less Clique mats out there than I had anticipated when they originally made the announcement.

Look for more news from the floor to come, as well as photos of the t-shirt recipients!

6 thoughts on “Live Update from #GPVegas”

  1. Cunning Wish 25$ ?? We pay like 5€ atm in europe, whats going on about that?

    1. I’m wondering as well. As far as I can see the card has been a part of some successful Legacy decks (Omni-Show, High Tide) for a long time already. Is there any special reason why it’s so popular right now? Like Gino said, the card is still available for ~€4-5 in Europe.

      1. It has been in OmniTell for a while but OmniTell has been showing it as the premier Show and Tell deck if not the premier combo deck in Legacy for he last month or so. The movement is because many people are switching to that deck from Sneak and Show which doesn’t use Wish.

  2. If you can’t be there but want to watch, there is always Twitch:

    Remember that Grand Prix Chiba technically started today, Friday, because its Saturday over there. Make sure to check Channel 1 and Channel 2 because coverage changes.

    It won’t tell you much about pricing on the floor, but its something at least. You’ll also get to meet real-life Magic Trolls in chat! lol…

  3. Thanks for the tip. I picked up a foil cunning wish for $20, 3 non-foils at $7 each and .pulled 2 out of my trade binder.
    Keep your eye on Kolaghan’s Command, I purchased 15 playsets at 4.49 during presales. I just sold half of them to one buyer on eBay for 18.99 a playset and they look to have jumped to over $20 a playset.

  4. I hope someone proves me wrong… But I highly doubt Goyf’s price drops today. Buylists might drop on the floor at the actual event… But I really think it is going to be hard to find a Goyf under $130 on the internet. Prices seem set at about $130-$150 with a few lucky people still sniping eBay auctions for around $130.01. Buy-it-Now and TCGPlayer are still hovering around $135-$140 lows.

    I am confident that Goyf doesn’t skyrocket though… If you miss out on $130 this week. You could probably still get it for $140 next week. I’m sure you can get Goyf for $140-$150 a few months from now. I still recommend buying in now, especially if you are bidding $130.01 on eBay! Or better yet, paying $120-$130 cash at one of the GPs (don’t let vendors create a monopoly with buyouts!).

    Goyf is about the only card in this set that I see turning around quickly… He is going to eat $5 of value from all of the good rares as we move forward. Nom-Nom-Nom. Chase-Mythic!

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