PROTRADER: Guo’s Magic Origins Mythic Review Part II

By Guo Heng

Welcome back! Today’s piece will continue where last week’s mythic review left off. It’s Magic OriginsĀ review week this week and don’t forget to check out the financial review of each individual color in the set which my fellow MTGPrice writers wrote throughout the week. Without much ado, let’s kick off with the three black mythic rares in the set:

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2 thoughts on “PROTRADER: Guo’s Magic Origins Mythic Review Part II”

  1. Great Quote:

    “Woodland Bellower is a card I am excited about. Looks like R & D is dead set on making green the next blue.”

    I think people are starting to get it now. You should look VERY closely at ANY new Green Mythic or Rare that is coming out these days. Many of you have been trained to speculate on Blue for so long because it has always been the dominate color. This has caused cards like Den Protector, Deathmist Raptor and others to be under-valued during spoiler season.

    Which Green cards are the Blue Mages undervaluing from Origins? Or is it another color’s turn to shine? I can tell you one thing… I don’t think there is much GREEN to be made speculating on blue this time around.

    1. I totally agree. Green has been the dominant color in Standard since the beginning of this year and every set seems to guarantee pushed green creatures. You’re spot on that we should start paying attention to Green creatures. Heck, had Raptor been blue it would not have been an under $10 card during pre-order.

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