PROTRADER: Why I Love the Magic Origins Clash Pack

By Guo Heng

Clash Packs never stirred my interest. My local Game Days are pretty competitive and the decks were never good enough to be used for their intended purpose. The only reason I bat a financial eye in response to Clash Packs in the past was to see which of my holds dodged reprint. The Magic Origins Clash Pack may be the first time I am so excited about a Clash Pack in term of financial opportunity.

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9 thoughts on “PROTRADER: Why I Love the Magic Origins Clash Pack”

  1. This is also the first time i’m excited on a clash pack. But i think the list was spoilt too early… I tried looking around and i couldn’t find any shops who have this up on pre-order. And after speaking with a shop owner, i’m quite sure most shops will be adjusting the clash pack prices up instead of selling at MSRP. I’ll still look forward to the Japanese Clash pack version to see if the prices are still affordable.

    1. I’ve never paid attention to Clash Pack actual sale price here in Malaysia as I’ve never bothered about Clash Packs before. It certainly makes it a less enticing buy if shops were to jack up the price, seeing that the price of the chase rares would be falling due to the Clash Pack anyway.

      Haha that would be an outlet to get Japanese Windswept Heath though.

  2. This was the best article I’ve read on the site, period. For someone who doesn’t deal in Magic cards “financially” except for having curiosity and a fascination with the secondary market, it was really great to hear about the nuts and bolts of one of these deals. So descriptive. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Only thing that should be mentioned is that Valorous Stance is an alt art foil- those typically BUYLIST for $1 at events, so this will probably impact those as well.

    1. I didn’t want to write too much about it beyond the couple of cards that I am personally interested in so as to not eat into Jared’s review piece today ;p

      But good point, I totally skimped on the uncommons. I never knew they were worth something!

  4. Its going to really suck for non competitive players if speculators buy up all these clash packs. I honestly think vendors should limit purchases and NOT jack up the price!

    1. Speculators would be dumb to touch this at 30$ msrp. It would be much cheaper to just buy singles of heaths, cocos, and rhinos if you think rhinos are reaching 15 in a year (highly doubt it). The other cards are neglegible sinve they would be more of a liability to sell.

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