Brainstorm Brewery #184 – Aaron Miller, Squirrel Whisperer



The gang is joined by Magic artist Aaron Miller (@aarondraws) to talk about the world of illustrating our wacky children’s card game. Ever wondered how Aaron got his start, how he fits into the community or where he has hidden squirrels on iconic Magic art? This is the episode for you. Are you going to feign being too cool to listen to the episode because you think art is for nerds? Shut up and listen, it’s still Brainstorm Brewery, get over yourself. You just might learn something. You might also want to support his Kickstarter campaign for custom tokens.


  • Aaron Miller (@aarondraws) is our guest
  • How did Aaron get his start?
  • What is Magic art all about?
  • I realize that above bullet point is vague. It’s a long discussion.
  • Seriously, we didn’t transition to new topics as much as just riff for a while.
  • No Pick of the week, we didn’t want to date the episode.
  • His website is
  • You can find our Goblin tokens on his site or on our site
  • Help his Kickstarter get to 500 backers!
  • Support our Patreon! DO IT. You know this cast makes you more than $1 a week
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  1. I was having horrible insomnia, so kudos to you for making your whole podcast nothing but the soothing, dulcet tones of Aaron Miller lulling me to sleep.

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