PROTRADER: Let’s Get Supplemental (Part 2)

Hello, and welcome back! When we left off last week I had gone through all the Commander sets looking for financial opportunities, and finding plenty of them. I was surprised by just how many juicy targets there were in those sets, to be honest. After seeing several big spikes over the past year, I thought maybe the opportunities would be limited. Instead I found a bunch of stuff worth picking up, and a handful of cards on the verge of a spike whenever they hit a critical. Exciting stuff.

So now it’s time for Part Deux: Archenemy boogaloo.

I’m bad at jokes.

So let’s just dig into the rest of the supplemental sets we’re going to cover today.

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2 thoughts on “PROTRADER: Let’s Get Supplemental (Part 2)”

  1. I am wary of Strix and Shardless agent, those seem prime reprints for Eternal Masters, Conspiracy, and/or this year’s EDH pre cons which would be allied colored if the.

    I dont see 3 color cards getting printed in Eternal Masters or Conspiracy 2 as both are hard to do in limited unless they devote alot of space to mana fixing which takes away from potential powerful reprints in one and fun multiplayer cards in the other. So I feel parking some money in those kind of cards are a safer bet.

  2. I’m glad you took the time to dig deep into this subject. I’ve always wondered about Planechase and Archenemy because I’ve seen them pop up on interests lists from time to time but I never sat down and did the research. I think these kind of “random” speculation articles are great to look at when there aren’t many other things going on. Everyone and their mama likes to talk about Top 8 results but its nice to consider the more “invisible” specs once in a while.

    Its especially nice for people that took a long “break” from the game and never actually evaluated these cards when they were new. Thanks for taking the time to give us your 2-cents on Planechase, Archenemy and Conspiracy products.

    Do you think we will see less Commander pre-con decks released in the future and maybe just get a booster box every few years that will attract EDH Dollars? I feel like 5 Commander decks every year is a bit much and only 1-2 of them are usually worth buying. I feel like if Wizards just released 2 Commander decks every year and then had a “set” release every other year, that would be great!

    Personally… I’d much rather buy the Commander “deck” that I really want and then just buy a box of Eternal Masters/Conspiracy/Etc. and trade for other cards that I didn’t open. NO ONE wants to buy all 5 commander decks but some people want cards out of all 5 decks… Wizards should just cut the 3 least popular decks and release those extra cards along with other “staples” in something like Eternal Masters or Conspiracy.

    Seriously though… Isn’t 5 new Commander decks every year a bit much??? WE LIKE OPENING PACKS TOO!!! I guarantee Wizards would save/make more money if they did what I am saying… The cost of the packaging and extra design effort for the 3 Commander Decks that no one buys could easily be shifted into boosters and boxes of some sort.

    I’m super curious to see what supplemental product changes we see next. I feel like Wizards is really starting to pay attention to what players want. Ya, I want some new commander cards… No, I don’t want a new pre-con Commander deck… Ok… Maybe ONE! But not FIVE!!! Can I just buy a booster box full of those cards instead??? Why FORCE a bad Pre-Con deck just to get 3 new cards out there… What a waste of time and money… How about put that extra effort in designing TEN new cards, do some needed reprints and release a damn BOOSTER BOX!!! (I ESPECIALLY don’t need any more Pre-Con BASIC LANDS!)

    Conspiracy 2 will be cool… But I still don’t think we are quite where we need to be yet. Commander Supplemental products still need some major tweaking and re-imagining in my opinion. Hopefully we get there.

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