PROTRADER: Returning to the Scene of the Crime

By: Travis Allen

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We’re about a month away from Eternal Masters, though you wouldn’t know it by watching social media. With the packed timetable between Shadows Over Innistrad’s release, the Pro Tour, and Eternal Masters, Standard barely has a chance to breathe before Force of Wills and Wastelands are raining down upon us. (And don’t forget that it’s only two months later before Conspiracy Two: Electric Boogaloo shows up.) There’s been very little discussion of EMA so far, and I expect it will mostly remain that way until spoilers begin in two to three weeks. This means that prices could begin moving on Reserve List cards quietly, before players realize what’s going on. Really, EMA’s announcement was already too late to pick up your missing duals. At this stage, we’re past “too late” and into “would rather kill myself than pay those prices” territory.

Someone asked me a great question about Crop Rotation recently. The gentlemen wants to foil his Lands deck, and was curious about when to pick up the foils of this particular card. If you’re looking to foil anything that may or may not show up in EMA, this is the strategy I’d use.

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3 thoughts on “PROTRADER: Returning to the Scene of the Crime”

  1. One of the best articles I have read on the site. Concise, well-written, and very thoughtful. I believe you should send this to a bigger outlet to let the masses read. Let SCG Channelfireball and TCG publish this. Would open ththe eyes of many players with small to no collections,

  2. I also think the concepts discussed in this article are too important for it to really be restricted to Protrader, and opening up to the masses would be a lot more beneficial.

  3. In order to hedge against this, your best bet is to have a reputable dealer (or three) lined up ahead of time as the spoilers wrap up. Usually they’re completed on a Friday morning. So at 11:00am est on that Friday, when the full spoiler is live, ctrl+f for whatever card you’re looking for, and if it hasn’t shown up, buy what you were waiting on right then and there. It may or may not end up exploding in price, but even if it doesn’t, it wasn’t getting any cheaper without a reprint.

    Pretty much my comment to this fellow in the forum 🙂

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