PROTRADER: From Here to Eternity

THIS ARTICLE HAS BEEN UPDATED TO REFLECT NEW SPOILED CARDS! Scroll to the bottom! Most recent update: Wednesday Morning.

Okay, okay, so today was supposed to be the continuation on analytics, and in truth, I got that piece pretty far along before I decided to switch gears. That article is still going to happen, but something happened this week, and time is really of the essence here, so the analytics piece got bumped.

These were the five cards of the week on DailyMTG this week, billed as an homage to cards that were once banned in Legacy, but have since been unbanned. It was stated that this was in honor of Eternal Masters, although previews do not start until the coming Monday (so you see why we need to discuss this now!). Of those five cards, we have a pretty wide range of reprintability, and we are going to use each of them to explore the possibilities of the upcoming release. There is going to be a slow roll-out of the set, so I plan on updating this article over the course of Week 1 of spoilers (I assume we will have two weeks total). Make sure to check back each day next week! Okay, so I listed the cards up top in the order WotC posted them in, but I’m going to go in my own order now:

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5 thoughts on “PROTRADER: From Here to Eternity”

    1. I haven’t even allowed myself to contemplate something like that. It was Mythic in VMA on modo, so there’s always a chance!

      This set is going to be incredible

  1. Just a note Ross, LED is on the Reserve list so it couldn’t have been reprinted. Chrome Mox was actually one of the only fast mana rocks that see play which were available for reprint.

    1. Good note, thanks!

      Yeah, the problem is that LED is a lodestone for so many of the decks that are otherwise somewhat budget friendly.

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