PROTRADER: Modern’s Evolution

By: Travis Allen

Man, was GP Charlotte just the biggest mess in Grand Prix history? There must be something in the water down there that results in calamitous errors. Last time, it was a “day one-and-a-half” problem where players had to play a single round at 8am on Sunday morning that would determine whether they would get to continue to play in day two. This time, the Wizards of the Coast, a Hasbro Subsidiary (WotCaHS) Event Reporter (WotCaHSER) broke after round four, with the result that the following five rounds would be played with random swiss pairings. 7-0s playing against 0-7s, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria. For those of us not directly involved in the madhouse, it was a source of resigned humor. WotCaHS continues to do an excellent job with anything printed on paper, but as soon as a computer is involved, they’re incompetent to the point of gross negligence. If Magic players weren’t a customer, but rather a client, and WotCaHS was a contractor, there’d be a lawsuit.

Anyways, a bunch of Modern was played this weekend. You’ll remember that not long ago (when Shadows Over Innistrad was released) that Modern experienced some large shakeups. Eye of Ugin was banned, ameliorating the broken-format-in-a-can that was Oath of the Gatewatch, and two highly impactful cards were unbanned, namely Ancestral Vision and Sword of the Meek. Now that we’ve gotten several solid weeks of MTGO grinding under our collective belt, what’s Modern looking like?


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4 thoughts on “PROTRADER: Modern’s Evolution”

  1. Great stuff! Just wondering, when are you going to release new episodes of your MTG Fast Finance podcast? Thanks!

    1. Soon! Neither of us have been able to coordinate schedules lately which is why we’ve missed the last two weeks. Hopefully tomorrow, the 26th, but don’t hold me to it.

  2. To touch on a couple points regarding the TKS comparison with Thalia.

    1) I agree that Thalia seems currently underpriced in foil. Since this time last year, her non-foil price has gone up 50% from $5 to $7.50 (80% if that growth has happened since January) while her foil price has gone *down* from $30 to $25. This amounts to a drop in the foil multiplier from about 6X to 3.5X. If non-foil prices continue to rise at the current rate and that multiplier eventually self-corrects to 4X or so, that could put foils in the neighborhood of $35.

    2) Foil prices on TKS have been dropping at a rate of ~$0.50 per week for the past 2 months since the Eye of Ugin ban. By the time GP Columbus and Prague roll around in mid June (both are Legacy events), it could be around $18. Foils could likely be found for $15 at that point

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