PROTRADER: Emrakul Down Under

By: Travis Allen

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In the last couple of years, Wizards of the Coast, a Hasbro Subsidiary has been pushing to make storyline cards more impactful in constructed. Occasionally they’ve succeeded, and sometimes they don’t, but there’s no denying that they’d like it if their marquee story cards were also the marquee constructed cards. Well, they’ve hit the nail square on the head this time around, with a Liliana, the Last Hope deck battling an Emrakul, the Promised End deck. And, as if the Pro Tour itself was scripted, Liliana was able to overcome Emrakul just as the plane-swallowing monster was poised to overtake all of Gavo-Sydney. WotCaHS couldn’t have written a more desireable Pro Tour storyline.

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18 thoughts on “PROTRADER: Emrakul Down Under”

  1. can whoever is editing these articles take out the “hasbro subsidiary” thing? it’s annoying and stupid every time

    1. I’m not clear on your specific concern. What makes referencing the ownership of Wizards stupid?

  2. This is the first article in 4 days, and it’s about something that happened 5 days before that…….where do you come up with this stuff? Once my subscription runs out I will not be renewing it. This place has gone downhill big time. You suck!

    1. Agreed. And by the way, this information is not good enough to be protrader only. So unlock it.

      1. If you care to go into detail on what makes an article “good enough” for Pro Trader by your standards, I am interested in listening. I will also be arranging a Pro Trader survey shortly to let you guys drive home your most pressing concerns. Look for that announcement in the forums.

      2. I would love to discuss some necessary criteria and other ways to improve the site as a whole, but this article is not the place for it. I suggest making an article discussing the changes so everyone can chime in (or some other venue that is accessible to everyone).

    2. If you would like to engage in a more productive dialog to discuss how to shape Pro Trader to meet your needs I will be coordinating an AMA or live chat for our Pro Traders in the very near future. The departure of three weekly writers was a coordinated effort to recapture talent we originally lured away from their site a while back. Tit for tat. We are already in motion replacing that talent and you guys can expect multiple articles per week as per normal moving forward.

      1. This information should have been in its own article as an announcement at the beginning of the week so people would have a clear idea on what was going on. Also you need to open this live chat to everyone (not just protraders) to have a complete and unbiased dialogue on mtgprice and where it should go for a productive future.

  3. I think Corbin was handling a lot of the back end coordination and editorial stuff. With him, Sig, DJ & Jim leaving I guess we will get a clear picture of how much everyone else was or wasn’t contributing.

    1. Hey Tim,

      Actually, for much of 2016 Corbin was not on the editorial team so his departure is unlikely to have any impact on scheduling, editing or coordination of content.


  4. The authors in question moved back to QuietSpeculation. The fact that there’s no mention of this shows how substandard in quality the site and its managers have become. As I said before, your money would be much better spent in QuietSpeculation.

    1. This topic was actually addressed same day in the Pro Trader area of the forums, and I’ve been answering related questions in there ever since. Give poor Travis a break and move the discussion somewhere where we can easily share the information with all of you, and address your concerns yes?

      1. As I have said, important website changes like this need to be announced to *everyone*, not just Protraders, since this affects the entire site as a whole. This is a basic facet that a supermajority of entities follow. When people find out important MtgPrice related news from other sites such as Reddit and QuietSpeculation that is not mentioned publicly on this site, it does not look good for you and the rest of the staff. Again, I would love to further discuss this and other key issues that need addressing, but at a place where everyone, not just Protraders, can chime in. This secrecy is discussing managerial affairs is not helping you all in the least bit.

      2. Hey JC, thanks for the feedback. I can assure you that when we elect to focus on communicating with our paying members, it is in recognition of their right to get value for their dollar. We certainly want to take care of our non-paying community members as well, but when you’re getting things for free, you can’t legitimately expect to be owed much. That being said, staff changes are a natural part of small business, and the writers that we lost last week were mostly recruited away from QS originally. We’re replacing those bodies with great new writers, and you’ll all continue to get high quality content five times a week from this site moving forward.

        The best way to support this site is to pay for the plethora of content and services we provide. Long before I was staff here, I was chipping in my piece because the value was obvious. It is my goal moving forward to convert as many free members to paying members as possible, largely by adding value to Pro Trader to the point where ignoring that option is foolish. If you have thoughts on how we could help you turn that corner, hit me up.

  5. I’m definitely the type of person that believes in “money talks and bullshit walks”, but if as you all have said, the content of this site “was” good at one point. Keeping that in mind given that they just had a huge shift in personnel and are trying to bounce back from that perhaps it would behoove us to give them the benefit of a little patience to see how things play out. I’m all for holding them accountable to the polished product we pay for, but I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt for the time being to see where this goes in a month or two. If you’re hurting for $5 or whatever the monthly cost is (I’m an annual subscriber) then “investing” shouldn’t be your cup of tea anyway.

    1. Appreciated, Korias. I strongly believe that MTGPrice easily provides $5 in value every week between the articles, the tools, the vendor pricing/buylists, the podcast and the forums. All of these elements are in various stages of evolution and some have needed some TLC for too long, but we are committed to addressing everyone’s concerns and providing a clear and easily understood value proposition that you all have the chance to provide input on. If any of you have thoughts on what would make the site a definite win for you, please take to my new forum post entitled Building a Better ProTrader and let’s hash it out.

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