Brainstorm Brewery #222 – How to Get Murdered by a Craigslist Seller

It’s a dangerous world out there. People set up all sorts of shady scams to rob or murder people who are attracted to Craigslist deals. You might think we’d offer you advice on how not to get murdered by people like that, but we totally don’t. I’m just realizing that we spent a good portion of this episode encouraging you to put yourself in statistically the most dangerous situation you’ll be in during a given week but without offering any help. So, uh, don’t get murdered. Especially since we relaunched our Patreon.



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4 thoughts on “Brainstorm Brewery #222 – How to Get Murdered by a Craigslist Seller”

  1. Did you notice that ballista is now approaching $15 ?

    Even I think that’s too high, but yall need to give your peanut gallery some love here. We’ve been telling you how stupid the card is for weeks.

    1. We noticed. I don’t like to bet on what Standard is going to do to cards. I hope you made some money, but the longer I do this, the less I like risky bets when there are so many safe ones. You guys absolutely called it. I hope you also bought copies, because if you didn’t, you didn’t actually call it. I’m betting you did.

      1. I did buy in, but not nearly enough. At least I’m set for my personal playset and a few spares for cube/EDH!

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