Brainstorm Brewery #247: Meowloro


After several weeks of new and returning guests, the show return to its regular lineup of hosts and DJ.   With a lull before the new set drops, a ton of knowledge is shared as the cast hits breaking bulk, pick of the week and clears a swath of listener emails.  Topics include how to track price movements, finding rare booster packs, building relationships with GP vendors, and speculations on Commander 2017.   We learn that Corbin is to blame for terrible deck names, and Jason does his best impression of Wizard’s customer service.

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  1. A couple months ago the mtgprice app stopped working, and now I can’t log into the webpage either (I get “Error: redirect_uri_mismatch”). I’ve got a very large collection cataloged there for insurance purposes, and it would be backbreaking to try to recreate it on another platform. Is there a ballpark timeline of when either might work again?

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