Brainstorm Brewery #280 Horobi’s Death Whale


Corbin (@Chosler88) is back this week and bring the professionalism of Bill O’Rilley to the cast as Jason (@jasonEalt ) and DJ (@Rose0fThorns) welcome MtG historian & personality Brain David Marshall (@Top8Games) to the show this week to talk about all things magic, movies, and comics. Make sure to visit BDM’s Kickstarter for The Totally Unstuck Adventures of Anna Chronos: Second Hands

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  • Corbin gets us kicked from youtube

  • The Martin Muller interview

  • Anna Chronos Adventures

  • Disaster movies

  • Spreading Lies about Theros Block (it was actually fun)

  • Take my Energy (in standard)

  • Breaking Bulk

  • Bulk or not

  • “Leaks are bad and stuff…”

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