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Unlocked Pro Trader: We Don’t Have to Guess


There are so many cards in this set that I think have the power to move prices based on brand new archetypes being built but I think we can take a week off of trying to get that far ahead of the crowd. I’m gambling that Reddit is wrong when it says that speculators have figured out EDH and now we don’t have the luxury of waiting for data from EDHREC, Yeah, sure, speculators bought a lot of copies of Raksha, Golden Cub, so congrats on being ahead of the curve. You even bought foils so you wouldn’t get blown out by the reprint. Did they predict that 40% of decks running Mirri as the commander would run Leonin Abunas? Did they forsee a 33% spike in the price of Reconnaissance? Or did they just buy a bunch of kitty cats and I made money on cards like Hateflayer, Shakuu, Endbringer and Tree of Perdition because I waited to see what people were actually going to play?

The downside to this approach is we need to kill some time waiting for people to brew, build and register and since the set isn’t out until this weekend, they haven’t done any of that, yet. Do we twiddle out thumbs in the mean time? I maintain that we do not actually do that, because we have some data to look at already. It’s not even based on the printing of a new commander either, but rather a lowly common, non-Legendary creature that happens to be special because it’s only the third card like it ever. We don’t have to guess what’s going to happen because it’s already happened twice. Let’s drill down.

The Card in Question


This is a card that in a lot of situations seems better than Relentless Rats. Its toughness doesn’t get a buff, but that’s secondary to the fact that this scales off of all rats meaning its lower casting cost is more important than the toughness boost. Accordingly, this is good in both a Ripple Rats build but also a more general Rats build and the cards for both likely have upside given the new interest. Making a ton of Pack Rats boosts Rat Colony as well, something you can’t say for Relentless Rats opening up potential hybrid builds. I think there is a lot that could have upside, here.

First but not least –


Thrumming Stone


Reluctant to go up much, this card is snagged as a 4-of by 60-card casual players and is unlikely to see a reprinting anytime soon given how narrow and specialized it is. It’s got a bad ability in EDH except for in this very rare instance. Could you print this in an EDH precon? I’m not paying $40 MSRP for a precon with 30 Relentless Rats in it, personally, though some might. This also has spillover into Shadowborn Apostle decks which get a new Demon every once in a while, most recently (A year ago? Wow. That was the last time I got a preview card, last year in Vegas.) Razaketh. Really, though, there are a finite number of these and Arcum Dagsson shows how quickly Coldsnap cards can disappear when there is renewed interest. I think this can’t stay below $10 much longer.

Coat of Arms

I shudder to think how much this card would need to be printed for it to go under $5 and stay there. I don’t think that’s ever going to happen, fortunately, and while this card has been quiet for a while, recent interested in tribal decks should give it some upside. Tribal is always going to be a thing and it’s hard to imagine this getting printed hard enough to completely tank it or becoming obsolete. Every Coat variant that comes along tries to give you some additional value but nothing really comes close to being good enough that you won’t run this in your deck. It’s going some printings but it’s also got some upside regardless of whether a single Rats deck gets built.

Patriarch’s Bidding

This is a card that is going to cycle until it’s reprinted. Is there any hurry to reprint it? There doesn’t seem to be, and that’s an issue. This is going to go up again next time there is a juicy chance to reprint it, maybe even as soon as Commander 2018 and it’s not reprinted. I don’t like paying $18 hoping to get out at $25 especially with a non-zero amount of reprint risk, but much like the people who buy Stoneforge Mystic every year before B&R and sell into the B&R hype for free money, you can probably get these at their floor and make money on them one more time when this is inevitably not in Commander 2018. I don’t expect a tribal theme in Commander 2018 per se, but this card will go back up next time there’s a whiff of tribal stuff happening and if you think it won’t get reprinted at the same time, that’s free money. This is risky but so is all MTG Finance speculation and I just felt I would be remiss if I didn’t remind us all that this is a thing that happens.

Soul Foundry

My favorite use for this is putting Biovisionary into play, but you can make rats in a pinch. Combine with untap effects for more hilarity.  Not much to say other than that the graph for this looks awful and I’m not sure why. It could be renewed interest in Ripple Rats that kicks this in the ass because it sure needs it.

The Relentless Rats EDHREC Page yielded these interesting cards. I could spend next week checking out the Shadowborn Apostle page but I think next week I want to get into a deck like Jodah with some data. In the mean time, feel free to find some interesting cards I missed and ask me about them in the comments. That does it for me this week – it feels like we’re in a bit of a holding pattern but that doesn’t mean we can’t use our time wisely and think to the future a bit. That does it for me this week. Until next time!

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Unlocked Pro Trader: Fblthp 2.0

I wrote a pretty… cynical(?) I guess article this week on Gathering Magic which comes out the same day this article becomes free for everyone to read. I feel badly for the team that slaves away making a gigantic, expansive world filled with characters with rich, detailed backstories so that the Magic community can look at all of it and say “Lol when’s Fblthp getting his own Planeswalker card?” I went on a bit of a longer rant than that so if you’re interested in reading what is easily the most acidic and unprofessional article I’ve written on Gathering Magic where I’m usually pretty cheerful-sounding because I want to keep my job, check that out.

I won’t rehash my screed here but it seems like the new, stupid meme from the /r/magictcg gang is that they’ve thanked Richard Garfield for coming out of retirement and helping to design a set with 137 brand new Legendary characters by making a huge, semi-ironic deal out of the fungus monster named Slimefoot. I said on GM that “When you think about it, Slimefoot is a fungus-covered freeloader who spends all of its time in the dark, making it the perfect mascot for the online Magic community” and if it hadn’t been for Gathering Magic, I likely would have added that some fungi are asexual, much like everyone who posts on the main Magic subreddit.

But enough about why Slimefoot’s ironic hipness is an affront to the people who slaved away building an expansive world for Magic players to ignore because they’re basically monsters, let’s talk about how Slimefoof is actually a legit card and could be a good candidate for making some cards go up in price. Let’s do that thing I’m always doing where I make a bunch of really accurate predictions and toil in obscurity because  6 years ago I decided, erroneously, that I would be taken more seriously if I wrote for an established website rather than making terrible videos on YouTube. I’d be Lion if I said I didn’t regret my decision.


Slimefoot Best Foot

People are beginning to publish their decks online and while I should wait for EDHREC to do this for me, I’m manually checking a bunch of decklists and manually noticing (is that a thing?) the common cards that are showing up. Also, I brewed the deck and came to a lot of conclusions on my own. I don’t have as much data as I will later but I think I have enough to know what we should be ahead of. I’m going to stay away from foils although this would be a reasonable deck to foil out except for all of the stuff that’s in every EDH that’s not reasonable to foil out. Utopia Mycon is under a buck foil and that may lure you into forgetting that a foil Doubling Season is like $90.

Saproling Symbiosis

This is a card. I am not sure how good it actually is in Slimefoot decks, but a lot of things are happening. Look at the spike at the edge of the graph. In the last few weeks, buylist and retail price on this card both increased. This is going places. It’s an Invasion rare and that means it’s 18 years old. Invasion has $40 Phyrexian Altar and $25 Captain Sisay. Will this be $40? Nah, but it won’t be gettable at under $3 the way it is right now at CCG House so grabble that free money. If you’re not a Pro Trader and you’re reading this and you’re like “There aren’t 5 copies NM and 2 Japanes NM for all under $3 on CCG House right now” that’s because some Pro Trader just paid for their subscription for like 6 months when these babies peak at $10 and they are ready to sell. I’m not paid extra to push Pro Trader but I do sometimes feel bad knowing that people are going to read this and hear about prices that don’t exist anymore. If they’re still there, that means all of the Pro Traders don’t believe me when I say things and I don’t know what to make of that. If you don’t believe me and you don’t buy them either and they’re still there on Saturday, I’ll buy them and that you can believe.

Again, I don’t know if this card is good, but this card is identified and that means it’s going up in price whether it’s good or not. Ask the price of Patron Wizard. You know, for all of the Wizard synergy.

nailed it

If you still can, and I kind of hope you can’t because that means I lack credibility among Pro Traders and kind of hope you can because that’s a gift of free money I’m bestowing on my readers, snag these. I bet they go up. You know, because they basically already kinda are.


Speaking of Saprolings…

Saproling Burst

I’m pretty sure you play this, make 7 saprolings which instantly die as you create the 7th one because they all become 0/0 and you get 7 Slimefoot triggers. I’m not a judge and Magic’s comprehensive rules are pretty stupid but if you only get 6 triggers, I’m going to laugh and say “only” in ironic quotes because that is kind of a lot. This is better with Parallel Lives, you know, that card you’re absolutely playing in the deck. It’s great with Death Pact and Dictate of Erebos, you know, those cards you’re absolutely playing in the deck.  This card is a bulk rare but it’s showing signs of life, kinda. There are approximately as many copies of it as there are of Saproling Symbiosis so they have the same theoretical ceiling if you don’t know anything about other factors. However, it being a bulk rare means the price spike will be mitigated by cheap copies being ferreted out that we won’t see with a card that’s already a couple of bucks. This can still quintuple pretty easily and you can buy in very cheaply. Symbiosis is currently in 5 times as many decks as Burst but Burst is uniquely good in Slimefoot and I think there’s upside. This is riskier because I kind of like to be in on a card when people have moved the price and demonstrated they’re aware, but if you want to make real money, you have to be weeks ahead of them and on Burst, you can be.

Illusionists’ Bracers

This may seem like an odd pick because it’s basically vaguely good in every EDH deck which has a Commander with activated abilities but this is actually part of a few potential combos. Activate Slimefoot with this one for 4 mana to make 2 Saprolings. Sac those Saprolings to Ashnod’s Altar, getting two death triggers on Slimefoot and giving you 4 mana. Use that 4 mana to make 2 Saprolings. Rinse, repeat.

I think Bracers are in a good spot to pop soon, aren’t likely to be reprinted this year and can make us some money. Did you buy $200 worth of these when they were $0.50? Not many people did. It’s OK, there’s time to make money even buying in at $2 and unlike Saproling Burst, every copy of this basically made it into the hands of an EDH player so cheap copies are unlikely sitting in binders because who that plays EDH wouldn’t just buy this loose for $0.50? Look at the dealer confidence in this card, by the way.

Buylist is about to hit retail. If it crosses, we could be talking about an actual arbitrage opportunity on a card that came out in Gatecrash. That’s pretty recent, don’t you think? This is the 55th-most-played artifact on EDHREC. Just seriously break off $100, throw it at Bracers and I’m really confident you’ll make money. Dealers are paying current retail and it’s their job to do this all day. Let’s take them at their word and pay what they’re paying now and not what they’re selling for in 6 months.

Paradox Engine

You lose here if one of three things happens in the next 6-12 months.

  1. Paradox Engine is banned in EDH by the EDH rules commitee
  2. Paradox Engine is reprinted
  3. Paradox Engine gets cheaper for some reason

I don’t think one or two will happen, so why would three? I realize that’s a succinct way to end this section but what more do I need to say? This gives you a lot of mana, it’s an infinite combo with Sprout Swarm a card, and I hate to sound like a broken record, you absolutely play in this deck.

Mazirek, Kraul Death Priest

Here are some interesting facts about this card and the deck it’s in. The deck also contains Meren, which is like $9. It has an $8 Thought Vessel, a $4 Eldrazi Monument, a $7 Eternal Witness and nothing else over $2. The deck is trying to go for like $70 on eBay but the cards add up to like $70 if we’re being generous and paying the full $0.36 on Kessig Cagebreakers and not just calling every rare in there a dime like most of them are. There is room for this deck to grow – Wade Into Battle used to be the worst one and now it’s over $100 with cards like Urza’s Incubator, Blade of Selves, Magus of the Wheel (you know, before), Gisela (you know, before), and a $30 Fiery Confluence because yeah, you probably want 4 of them if you want any of them and this is how you have to get them. I’m saying the deck with Mazirek is a good way to start as a basis for your Slimefoot deck since all of the cards that are in it that are expensive go in Slimefoot except maybe Meren and also Toys R Us went out of business in the USA. Rather than sell their product at 50% off, the company that stocks Magic at big box retailers said “no thanks” and cleared the shelves. Those decks are popping up at my local Target, Walmart and a place called Meijer that if you don’t have them, you sort of missing out. Meijer is like if Target had food but also twice as much non-food stuff as Target. I know some Targets have food but imagine Target had the kind of food you could buy and say “I purchased groceries” rather than “I bought a frozen pizza and somehow a 6 pack of wine in cans” because even when a Target says they have food, they don’t have food. They have food the same way that dude on LetGo with the sealed 2017 gift box has $75 worth of cards to sell you because, hey, they’re his step-dad’s cards anyways and he’s just tryin to do tha old man a favor and do you want them or not quit wasten my time.

If those should pop up in the cards section of your Walmart or Target or Piggly Wiggly (whatever your region’s “Meijer” is. I don’t want you to, but you’ll probably write something like “Food Lion represent!” in the comments section and I can’t legally stop you) they won’t be marked at $70 or $100, they’ll be marked at $34.99 and you should buy them. The GB one is the worst one and you should still buy it for $34.99 because did I mention Thought Vessel is $8 right now? In the mean time, it’s not great to bust these for the $70 eBay dude wants for them which means it’s not super profitable to inject Mazireks into the market. Could Mazirek be as much as Meren? Nah. But it can be more than it is now and I’m banking on that because I bought a lot of the stupid Meren decks at Meijer 6 months ago. I should recoup $34.99 but let’s not pretend I’ll recoup $70 – not in a world where Kessig Cagebreakers isn’t $0.36.

Anyway, this article was dense with good financial advice. If you wouldn’t mind, tell your friends that this article was dense with good financial advice (I’m basing this off of the degree of confidence I have in the picks rather than my own assessment of my own abilities as a writer) and they should read this when it becomes free every week. If you couldn’t buy any of these cards, the Pro Traders got them and you can’t beat them and may want to join them. That does it for me this week, readers. Until next time!

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Unlocked Pro Trader: Too Many Boats


I can feel the herd getting restless. In fact, people have spent so long waiting for me to address the fungus monster in the room that they took it upon themselves to make a reddit post and tried to do it themselves. Things went… OK.

Magnified 20x, a grocer’s apostrophe looks relatively harmless, but in a sentence it can cause acute migraines in 5% of the population, myself included. ‘Superfluou’s apo’strophe’s a’side, this was a pretty good reddit post and probably should have gotten a good discussion going. It didn’t.

Would it have? Or do we have years and years’ worth of data that says otherwise?

Have they? Or did they just get lucky that Commander 2017 was tribal so they could run out and buy cards like Waiting in the Weeds and then pat each other on the back as they tried to sell them to each other? Also, buyout is a noun.

I feel like eyebrows Goofus is onto something, here. I don’t agree that the sheer number of new commanders will keep anything from spiking, but I do think that the card everyone wants to talk about may suffer from affecting too many cards that could go in the deck. If Muldrotha is basically less popular than Atraxa, there’s a chance nothing goes up at all. When there are too many boats and not enough tide, something about the boats don’t go up? Look, I’ve been trying for awhile to pretend the boat metaphor was an actual sinking boat and abandon it.

I think we should look at the sheer volume of cards that could go up based on Muldrotha decks being a thing, which I think they will. We can evaluate whether or not any of them have a chance of going up or if there are just too many ways to build the deck. Let’s begin.


Embarrassment of Riches

I think we should look at Muldrotha before we continue. You cut down on the number of RTFC errors you commit as a writer by R’ing the F’ing C.

I can’t F’ing R this F’ing C. Let’s enlist the help of some type.



Legendary Creature – Elemental Avatar
During each of your turns, you may play up to one permanent card of each permanent type from your graveyard. (If a card has multiple permanent types, choose one as you play it.)


The first class of cards I want to look at are the really annoying enchantments. What if, instead of building a board, we just spammed the same one back out every turn, ruining everyone’s lives?

Cards in this class – Hesitation, Standstill, Mystic Remora, Decree of Silence, Lunar Force.

Standstill is at a historic low and while that means it could have upside, it also means Muldrotha is on its own. It would have to pull a lot of weight considering Legacy isn’t really doing Standstill any favors right now and it’s not really an EDH card at the current moment. Pass.

Spikes caused by the previewing of a card are like clockwork. The card goes from x to 8x then falls to 4x barring actual adoption. You don’t really ever eat it if you buy at x but those who buy at 4x hoping to get out at 8x tend to eat it. Don’t hope to sell to greater fools, just get out when you can. The only thing this card has going for it is that everyone ferreted out the cheap copies to avoid paying $7 so if this goes up again, there are no cheap copies squirreled (the opposite of ferreted) away and the only source of copies is the cold, merciless open market.

Hesitation is and will likely stay a dime. Mystic Remora is already good and this won’t likely change much. We’re off to a rough start because while these strategies are annoying, I don’t think they or any other strategy will be universal and they probably need to be.


Muldrotha sure isn’t going to make this card cheaper, is it? While this isn’t on the Reserved List, it’s not likely on anyone’s “this needs a printing” list, either. It’s so absurdly anti-social that only the spikiest of decks will consider running it, ruling it out of Commander precons. Usually this card is mitigated by the upkeep cost, but you can let this die and just bring it right back.  Gross.

How about board control?

Cards in this class- Nevinyrral’s Disk, Pernicious Deed, Oblivion Stone.

Nev’s Disk has been printed tooooo many times.

Deed isn’t looking too bad. It has decent ‘REC metrics and adoption in more than just EDH. I expected to poop on almost every pick, but this doesn’t seem too bad. It’s at its floor as are a lot of Conspiracy 2 cards and is beginning to recover. I think this is the time to get in on deed regardless and its utility in Muldrotha could be a good a time as any to make some bucks on a solid card. I didn’t expect to like this as much as I do, but Deed is probably solid right now.

This is no pricing error, you can actually snag a foil Iconic Masters O Stone for the same price as a Mirrodin one. I think that’s bound to look pretty silly in 6 months. I can’t imagine eating it because you bought foil copies but I guess nothing is impossible. People are done drafting Iconic Masters which means new copies enter the market at the speed of people popping $12 booster packs. It seems like we’re basically at peak supply and we have a glut of these foils I don’t mind swooping in on.

Finally, I want to talk about cards that are just really good with Muldrotha and how there aren’t too many cards in this camp for Muldrotha to push up since I expect them to be in 70%+ of all Muldrotha decks if people are smart.

Defense of the Heart

This is not on the Reserved List but it probably should be. This is also going to be in every Muldrotha list ever if people are smart. This is busted as heck and at least one of your opponents is bound to have the requisite number of creatures. Play Forbidden Orchard if they refuse to play along. This is just too good in Muldrotha decks and outside of them, too, I guess. This is a rare from Urza’s Legacy and while it’s not on the Reserved List, it’s not on anyone’s “reprint this ASAP” list, either – not in a world where Phyrexian Altar is still unreprinted.

Command Beacon

I’m betting that Commander 2018 is Planeswalkers. That being the case, the earliest this gets reprinted in a Commander precon is Commander 2019. For those keeping score at home, that’s like 18 months from now. You think you can make some money buying in at $10 and sitting on them for 18 months? I do.

Spike Weaver

This managed to avoid ending up on the Reserved List because it’s not quite as good as Exalted Dragon, you see. That said, it’s been expensive for a while and it doesn’t seem like there is a convenient place to reprint it. Its combo potential is very high making it a tricky EDH deck inclusion and it’s very set-specific making it tricky to print elsewhere. This is also pretty damn good with Muldrotha since you can fog over multiple turns then replay him full of counters and ready to rumble.




Different lol.

I think we will have time between EDHREC filling up with Muldrotha lists and prices actually moving and I plan to revisit the commanders I covered to see if there is anything I missed, but I think you should take a stab at Muldrotha. In my limited dicking around with it, I found the following cards do a lot of work.

Caustic Caterpillar, Vessel of Nascency, Seal of Doom, Seal of Removal, Seal of Primordium, Fleshbag Marauder, Sidisi, Undead Vizier (another reason to look at this card – I think you go deep on Sidisi nowish). Other people are beginning to post lists, so see what they’re on and we’ll revisit when we see stuff posted on the ‘REC.

Thanks for reading, nerds. Next week we’ll wade into the giant pile of potential commanders and look at more opportunities. Until next time!

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Unlocked Pro Trader: Speculating on Speculation


I was going to take a look at Jodah or something today and while that’s probably relevant at some point, I think there’s something else that is pretty important and it’s never too early to talk about it. I saw something curious and maybe I’m reading too much into it, but probably not. I mean, maybe. Maybe not. Not probably not, I don’t know the actual probability. That’s a good point, actually. Let’s address that point before I move on.

Have you even made a point yet?

Yes, I sure have. I said I don’t know the probability that I’m right or wrong about this thing I’m speculating about that I’ll tell you about later. We never really know the odds but since I know less than nothing; we’re talking our unknowns are unknown, I’m going to try and make my picks with some caveats, namely that I’m not going to diverge too far from my current speculation ethos for this column.

Currently I am using data, albeit small amounts sometimes, to make very safe picks based on what I know the near future to be. EDH allows us to do that with the lag time between online decklist adoption and actual paper decklist adoption. I’m not going to stray too far from that. While I’m forced to speculate about speculation, I am going to try and confine my picks to ones that won’t leave you holding the bag later if one or more of our assumptions turns out faulty. I sold a lot more copies of Squandered Resources than I did Didgeridoo. Didgeridid? Whatever. The point is, if I make a pick that wasn’t going to go up anyway, albeit probably slower, I’ll make a note that you’re assuming risk and should only do so if you can afford to lose the money and agree with all of our dumb assumptions.

Isn’t it funny that I’m like 4 years into writing this column and I’m only now telling you to only spec with money you can afford to lose? That’s how good EDH finance is, I never assume we won’t get there. Even our misses are just longer-term hits, baby! Bet it all on black!

OK, that out of the way, let’s talk about the assumptions we’re making. First, the piece of news upon which our assumptions are predicated.

The News

Someone in the EDHREC writers Slack channel alerted me to this press release. No, that wasn’t intended as a name drop. It’s an exclusive Slack channel, but not in that good a way. It’s exclusive like the club of people who turned themselves blue drinking colloidal silver is exclusive – yeah, you’re not in the group but that’s fine, trust me.  Let’s examine the thing.



Too far

Awww yisss. If this is what I think it is, it’s another Commander precon series with Planeswalkers at the helm. That’s assumption numero the first.

My next assumption is that planeswalkers will be legal as commanders from now on. It’s possible that it’s just all of us wanting it that makes us think it’s so but I said I wouldn’t hose you by making picks that won’t pan out if this assumption is wrong so let’s pretend we already know it’s true and save ourselves some equivocating.


When Do We Make Some Money?

I thought I’d never pretend you asked. Let’s do that now, shall we?

Our main assumptions, restated are

  1. Commander 2018 will have Planeswalkers as the commanders.
  2. Any Planeswalker will be a legal commander starting in late 2018.

From that, I can make a few sub-assumptions that can help us figure some things out.

  1. The decks are $40 MSRP which is more than normal. Either the walkers will be pushed in power level or they’re allowing themselves to reprint expensive cards they didn’t before (Doubling Season?)
  2. 4 decks means they won’t be all mono-colored. Commander 2017 showed they stress color balance over the set not over the decks and gave us a 5-color Dragon and 2-color cat and stuff in between.
  3. My Ajani Vengeant deck will make them regret the decision to allow older ‘walkers to be commanders.

I think hype alone is going to drive some prices if any of this information is confirmed, so we have a small window to act on it before everyone else comes to the conclusions we’re coming to today and scoops the cards. Better from us at a higher price than at current retail because we napped on this info.

The Chain Veil

Old Chainy veil is calming down a bit and my initial impression was that this is a likely reprint in the Commander decks or more likely one of them, but I got to thinking, is it? The Chain Veil is played in two types of decks with Planeswalkers; Superfriends, which is a deck with a lot of Planeswalkers and Chain Veil Teferi, a deck that uses exactly one Planeswalker in particular and rarely any others, although not always. The two reprint scenarios, then are either a Teferi reprint or a ‘Walker that is similarly good with The Chain Veil which won’t happen because you can’t put the stupid Chain Veil/Teferi infinite combo in a precon and only charge 5 extra dollars and expect the other decks to compete. You also can’t jam $300 worth of Planeswalkers in a $40 precon and call it a Superfriends deck, and you can put 4 Planeswalkers in a precon and call it a Superfriends deck. Since The Chain Veil isn’t great outside of those two scenarios, neither of which is appropriate for a precon (though fine to be built by the end user) I think reprint risk is mitigated. That gives us a declining, second-spike-ready artifact that can go in any Planeswalker deck that wants it. I think this goes up on hype as much as playability and you can always sell off before the full decklists are announced if you really are afraid of a reprint.

The foil is down, too. Hallelujah. A lot of this decrease is post-Atraxa hangover where the bad angel promised to make every card in any possible build $20 forever but there is a real chance for this to recover, especially with its reprint risk farther mitigated. This doesn’t even have to play nicely with the new cards to go up on hype, so be on the supply side of the coming wave.

Doubling Season

This is a bit of an obvious one, too, but I don’t know how good it would be outside of superfriends builds, necessarily. Also, people could always build that before and allowing a Planeswalker to helm the deck isn’t necessarily going to make that option more attractive. Unlike the Chain Veil, this only goes in green decks and if there is no new 5 color Walker (can you imagine? Yuck) I don’t know. Now that the two obvious ‘Walker cards are out of the way, it becomes a little tougher to figure out what we can make money off of. Let’s add to that the fact that all of the other cards in Superfriends seem to only be good at finding ‘Walkers in the deck.



Oy vey.

We’re going to need to try a different approach, and that is to look at any cards in common between the 5 existing Planeswalker commanders. So… artifacts? Lands?

If I don’t say something smart pretty soon, this was a waste of an observation.

I’ll save like and hour on EDHREC – there’s nothing. There are no common cards between the 5 current Planeswalkers as Commanders and I doubt there’s anything in common with the new ones. That means we basically have to slide down a tier of certainty if we’re going to come up with anything worthwhile.

We’re Speccing For Real

I’ll finish this article by talking about the Planeswalkers I think would be the best Commanders and if there are any cards that pair nicely with them.

Tamiyo, Field Researcher

This would be nuts as a Commander, especially in green where you can cast her with Doubling Season and get the emblem right away on top of refilling your grip. This card isn’t super exciting outside of the odd Atraxa build right now but if this is in your command zone, your mana dorks draw cards, you can frost dudes all day and you can say goodbye to mana. Whaaa? There’s no interacting with that stupid emblem, either. Good luck.

Cards that pair well with this build – 

Doubling Season

Enter the Infinite

Every Eldrazi

Ajani Vengeant

This probably isn’t that good but I’m still going to build the stupid thing. Screw you and your lands in particular, scrub.

Cards that pair well with this build – I don’t even know, I regret bringing it up.

Kaya, Ghost Assassin 

I see people call this a good Stax commander, and I can’t disagree. This would be annoying as hell to play against.

Cards that pair well with this build – 

Stax cards.

I don’t know, Hokori?

Smokestacks probably? I think?

Let me google EDH stax cards.

Some dude wrote a whole crazy primer, but they all seem to want

So be apprised of that. Those cards are all probably good pickups anyway.

I feel like any of the decent commanders could get their own entire article. If we do it that way, we’ll want to wait until people start building the decks that way, so as much fun as I’m having here, there isn’t much point in continuing.

What I think we’ll do is revisit this when there is something more actionable and we may give any given commander the article treatment the way we would any new Legendary creature. For now, I think there are moves to make here and I am really feeling good about The Chain Veil because even an announcement is going to drive buying and we want to be holding copies when that happens.

I hope you got some value from this piece and we’ll try something a little more traditional next week. Until then!

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