Advertise to 150,000 magic players!


(stats from the last 30 days of traffic) provides FREE MTG-finance content to over 150,000 magic players every month. We’re growing quickly – average growth has been over 15% per month for the last six months. To help fuel that growth, we’ve decided to try an experiment. It’s very simple:

$30. One Ad. One Week.

That is, for $30, we’ll put YOUR 100-word advertisement at the bottom of a article for a full week. We’ve been testing this with a few advertisers already and the response and click-through rates have been excellent.

To order:

  1. Write up a 100-word ad for your site. Go easy on the exclamation points. Add ONE link to your site inside the 100 words.
  2. Email with your ad. Use the subject “$30 Advertising Experiment”
  3. We’ll usually get back to you within a few hours with specifics on when your ad can run and any tweaks we need to make to the copy.
  4. ONCE YOUR AD IS APPROVED, send $30 for each time you’d like the ad to run to using PAYPAL. (For deals over $150 we can arrange for a US check or wire to be taken).

Reminder: This is a first come, first served experiment and will not last long.

Any questions? Email