Is it Safe? Part 1

This is still better than triple Khans draft

We all want safe investments, don’t we? This week, with a spoiler that purports to contain most (but not all, because… reasons) of the mythics from Modern Masters 2015 circulating and not knowing enough information to comment on it, I decided to talk about something else. Besides, the rares will impact EDH finance more than the mythic rares in MM15, and we don’t have much information on those beyond the same spoiler claiming the Commands cycle will be in the set, likely at rare. Sure, that will impact EDH, but we don’t know much beyond that.

Speaking of the cycle of Commands, it made me laugh to see someone on Reddit question why Wizards would bother to reprint the whole cycle of commands in Modern Masters when only one, maybe two of them even see play in Modern. It’s really funny to me that people don’t seem to remember that Modern Masters printed a lot of cards that were great in EDH and had little to no applicability in Modern. What did those people think when they saw Stonehewer Giant in the first Modern Masters? Did they say, “Well, obviously Ardarkar Valkyrie is a Modern staple”? It’s silly, but it just goes to show that people do a good idea of ignoring the stuff they don’t care about.

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4 thoughts on “Is it Safe? Part 1”

  1. MM2 is “Including” new sets. Doesn’t mean cards from old modern sets wont be present.

    1. That has been debated endlessly. I have a feeling any exceptions to that would rare and specific.

  2. Like this topic and look forward to reading part two. Reserved List and non-Modern Masters cards readily come to mind as safe. But I’m really intrigued by what else you feel is safe. I used to think perhaps P3K cards would be, but we now know those are very at risk. What else is there? Foils? Promos? Hmmmm….

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