PROTRADER: A Million Modern Decklists

I was lucky enough to be on the coverage team for Grand Prix Charlotte last weekend, and it was a hell of an event. I saw a bunch of Merfolk players in day two, I saw some really cool decks play out, and I saw a super healthy and diverse format at the biggest Modern event in four months.

There sure is a lot to take in from the event. We had seven distinct archetypes in the top eight, and even better is that several of them were absent from last weekend’s top eight at the Invitational. I know people get riled up over the Modern banlist and things like that, but it’s hard to look at Modern over the last two weeks and say it’s anything but an awesome format.

At least, that’s my take on it. So much so, in fact, that when I was typing up the decklists you can find here, I was amazed by just how deep the list went. We decided to post unique decklists going down to 64th place, and by my count, there are nearly 30 in that range. Absurd diversity.

So much so that when I submitted the piece to my partner-in-words Adam Styborski, I jokingly titled it “a million decklists.” We almost ran with that title on the coverage page, but while it didn’t quite make the cut there, it’s more than good enough as a title for today’s article.

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7 thoughts on “PROTRADER: A Million Modern Decklists”

  1. Well… Since I’m a Pro-Trader… I will comment on the article and not about where it may have been posted. Thank You for the coverage of the GP and keep up the good work on Brainstorm Brewery!

    You Mentioned Zoo:
    “I really like the Collected Zoo deck Paul Rietzl and others were playing at the Grand Prix. Yes, it’s another Collected Company deck, but it’s a really good one (Paul missed top eight on breakers). There’s nothing groundbreaking in these decks other that the fact they take the super-aggressive Wild Nacatl route.”

    I LOVE the different routes you can go with Zoo and I’m currently building a variant myself. I think that some of these cards might go “pop” like some of the other decklists did once people realize Zoo is LEGIT with how much variation we are seeing in the Modern Metagame. Check out these recent MTGO Results:

    I don’t think Zoo was a fluke showing up at the GP. I just think people need to get the right list down and change their sideboards around for whatever metagame they face. There are so many variations of this deck, including semi-budget versions that “work” while you are upgrading your staples. There are also some Selesnya and “WBG” decks out there that look promising:

    I guess the point I’m trying to make is that there are a ton of low CMC Creatures out there that all of a sudden look a lot more interesting. I think Collected Company straight-up created, or at least reinvigorated an entire archetype in Magic. People are brewing and building decks like crazy. This is very good news for all of us. A ton of creatures are going to benefit from it and we will too. Bulk Rares might shoot up to $5 and the creatures we are used to seeing sit between $5-$10 might start skyrocketing. (not just elves!!!)

    That is all GOOD NEWS because it means there are even MORE options in Modern these days and speculators who are ahead of the curve might make a little money with the right calls.

    Anafenza seems like a good call right now. Thanks Corbin. I’ve been waiting to pick up a playset until I thought we were near the floor. I didn’t realize her buylist jumped up to over $1 this month and fair trade price went back up to $2. I shopped around for a bit and calculated shipping and ended up grabbing a playset for $7 total. Felt like a steal indeed!

  2. Corbin, I wish I had followed the forums closer prior to the weekend. I would have bought a few playsets of items prior to the spike. I’m already 3 playsets deep on Chord from a few months back, but you’re still bullish on going for a few more?

    As always, thanks for the good target specs!

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