PROTRADER: Magic Origins Set Review, Blue

I’m writing this introduction well in advance to discuss the preconceptions about what to expect when reviewing a new set. At the time of this writing, I haven’t yet looked at the full spoiler, and I have completely ignored preorder prices the last couple weeks, so of the cards I do know about, I have no idea where they’re priced. Once I get to the card-by-card breakdown, I’ll have had several days to review the set, the preorder pricing, pro commentary, and all kinds of other factors that go into a financial review of new cards.

But first, I want to mention what I expect to see in this (and every) new set:

  • A whole bunch of rares priced between $3 and $6 that will be bulk rares in six months.
  • A whole bunch of mythics priced at $10 or more that will be $2 or less in six months.
  • Very few—usually zero—rares or mythics that are significantly underpriced to the point I’ll feel confident buying in.
  • A few uncommons that actually are underpriced at 10 to 25 cents that will be $1 or more their entire time in Standard.

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8 thoughts on “PROTRADER: Magic Origins Set Review, Blue”

  1. Sorry but that new flip Jace is horrific. So what if you flip him turn 2 in vintage? You can’t even +1 him unless there’s a creature on the board. If his +1 was -0/-2, then holy freaking crap. But it’s not… it’s -2/-0

    1. It’s up to 1 target creature; you can still +1 the Jace, but I agree. Vintage isn’t going to drive the price up, and a sorcery speed Snapcaster isn’t worth jumping through the extra hoop in legacy or modern. I don’t think a standard control deck wants to run out a 2-mana creature that will just die to removal that wouldn’t otherwise have a target. I think Jace is going down; though I do personally like him.

  2. That whole section before the “Several Days Later…” subtitle pretty much covers all standard releases. I agree 100 percent.

  3. “Of course, financiers would be remiss to just ignore the chance to find the occasional Bonfire”… and DRINK!!!


    1. On a more serious note… I didn’t really like what blue had to offer in Origins. I saw some good uncommons I might want to get a playset of at some point, if I’m splashing into blue.

      Clash of WIlls

      Psychic Rebuttal

      I also kind of liked Whirler Rogue

      None of these are probably worth pre-ordering but they might see play at some point.

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