PROTRADER: Your MTG Finance Skills Are Only As Good As Your Record Keeping

How well do you keep records of your Magic activities? Considering that most financiers are dealing with trades at local games stores, sales through the internet, buylisting, local purchases, personal collections, and many other avenues of acquisitions and sales, keeping track of every financial move you make in this game can be tough. It’s also a key skill to develop in order to be a successful MTG financier.

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One thought on “PROTRADER: Your MTG Finance Skills Are Only As Good As Your Record Keeping”

  1. I like your suggestions for record keeping however I am still waiting for the MTGPrice collection tracker tool to be updated to its full potential… I need more input options for personal lists on there, many of which you mentioned in this article.

    I’ve actually just been using a simple word document tracking my purchases each month. I started doing this primarily to make sure I actually got cards from people that don’t use tracking and don’t provide order forms (half the people on tcgplayer). I usually copy-paste the card over, type condition and total price including shipping. This not only allows me to keep track of all my shipments but turned into a nice way to track what I was buying cards for, how many and when.

    I ended up doing the same thing for what I sell, although I generally just copy my monthly statements from tcgplayer or ebay and then add in whatever I buylisted or sold in person. I should probably start tracking trades with values too now that you mentioned that.

    Anyway, that’s my system for now… Would be GREAT if I could input all that data into the MTGPrice collection tracker, including the vendor I bought or sold cards too. I know this sounds tedious to most people but I would like it.

    I really hope this is the direction the tracker is going in! More options never hurt right? Leave it simple on default and let crazies like me add in all the mundane details we want!

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