Brainstorm Brewery Episode #156 “Banana” featuring Travis Allen


Not satisfied with the depth of discussion last week about the impending changes to Magic Online, the gang doubles down and goes deep, this time enlisting the help of MTGPrice writer Travis Allen (@wizardbumpin) to untangle the web of uncertainty regarding the future of Magic Online. As with any good podcast, not everyone agrees, but there is certainly money to be made for intrepid investors. Or is there? I’m not going to tell you here. Listen and find out, man. Sheesh.

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  • The gang is joined by Travis Allen (@wizardbumpin).
  • Magic Online changes—what are they good for?
  • How can a card guaranteed to go up be a bad spec?
  • Travis’s article
  • Jason’s article
  • Banana?
  • Pick of the Week!
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