Announcing Commander 2015

Making good on its promise to release a new spate of Commander preconstructed decks every year, Wizards has announced Commander 2015.


There will be 55 brand-new cards created for this product unequally distributed over the 5 decks. Each deck gets 15 new cards, with the repeated cards usually being lands like Arcane Lighthouse and Myriad Landscape (which is bad for their price upside, but that can’t be helped).

The five decks will be comprised of the five “enemy” two-color combinations (white-black, blue-red, black-green, red-white, and green-blue) and will be 100 cards, as always.

Each Deck Contains:

  • A 100-card Commander deck
  • One oversized foil commander card for each deck
  • 10 double-sided tokens
  • Deck storage box
  • Strategy insert and rules reference card
  • 15 new Magic cards (55 for the set in total)

The double-sided tokens are cool, but they are so dirt cheap that there hasn’t been much secondary market buzz on them, even good ones like Wurmcoil Engine tokens.

What mana fixing are we likely to get? Pain lands? Bad River? Tempest duals? ABUR duals? It’s hard to know how Wizards will fix the mana, but it’s possible we’ll get a new card to do it and that there will be potential Legacy implications.

Remember, each of these sets has had one or two cards that shake up Legacy, so make sure you arbitrage those decks where you can. I don’t like these as long-term sealed investments, but I think a lot of the singles have more upside than is readily apparent. This is a chance for Wizards to print cards for Legacy without ruining Modern, so expect more of that.

With 55 brand-new cards, there are bound to be a few that have real financial implications. Stay glued to MTGPrice’s spoiler coverage for analysis. We just might be able to predict some sleepers and help you figure out which decks to grab.

3 thoughts on “Announcing Commander 2015

  1. Should also be noted that as MaRo has indicated that Fetches are not in BFZ, there is a slightly higher likelyhood we get fetches in Commander 2015.

    1. I don’t think that’s at all likely. Remember when no Damnation in Modern Masters meant it was 100% confirmed in the mono-Black EDH deck?

  2. I hope I’m wrong but I don’t think there will be enemy fetches in this Commander product. People would buy the decks just for the lands and the cards in the deck would plummet (see Khans of Tarkir price guide). Wizards let the presses run and run when Mind Seize was the deck to buy. I could see a shock land, an Innistrad check land, yet another pain land printing, and filter land. Wouldn’t mind being incorrect, but enemy fetches in a Commander product seems bad for business.

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