PROTRADER: One Thousand American Dollars

By: Travis Allen

You’ve read lots and lots of articles about people’s Khans of Tarkir block picks for the upcoming rotation. Nearly everyone has written one, and when you combine everyone’s suggestions, you end up with a checklist of basically every rare and mythic from the entire block. At that point, it’s hardly useful. Sure, lots of cards are worth considering, but come on, what’s really the card people are putting their money into and banking on? What are the supposed “pros” of this domain doing?

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8 thoughts on “PROTRADER: One Thousand American Dollars”

  1. Nice article all good specs. With all the eldrazi coming I think Eye of Ugin might not be a bad pickup at $2.50.

    1. I felt great about it months ago, when I bought something like 80 of them at about $1 each. Now that they’re over $2 I’m less of a fan, but they’re still solid trade targets at least.

      Maybe they hit $15 eventually and buying in at $2 would have been worth it. I’m not exactly sure.

  2. U have some good points at buying that many foil Tasigur´s.
    But what about the fact that Decay was/is always a 4 off while Tasigur is mostly played 1-2 times?
    Do you realy think he can match Decay´s spikes at 60 or even 100$? I just feel like there are way more Decay´s needed that Tasigur´s..

    1. Demand may be less for Tasigur but supply will also be less. Abrupt was in a large fall set, Tasigur was in a small second set that wasn’t drafted very much. Also adding to the scarcity argument, FRF will have one of the shortest stays in standard of any set ever (about one year) given that it rotates next Spring.

      1. I just checked the numbers, according to Tasigur is even more played atm than Decay! There are more Decay copys/deck but Tasigur is played in way more decks overall, so i guess i was wrong on my call..
        Just checked out 16 copys, thx for the hint @Travis Allen and Jagster.

        Card Name Decks Copys/Deck
        Tasigur, the Golden Fang 20.4 % 1.8
        Abrupt Decay 11.8 % 2.5

  3. monastery swift spear seems like a prospect foil and non. more for long term than short but…. n e way nice article man. I’ll be buying in on a few of your suggestions. The most confirming part of this article for me is Tasigur. I had been sceptical but not any more!

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