PROTRADER: To Redeem or Not to Redeem:Magic Origins

By Guo Heng

Magic Origins redemption went live after the Magic Online downtime this Wednesday. Which means you could start transmuting those digital objects on Magic Online into tangible, tappable cards. A price disparity between Magic Online cards and real life (which shall be henceforth referred to as ‘IRL’) cards is ever-present due to a multitude of factors. The price disparity could sometimes be exploited to get your hands on cards below market price, especially foils from sets chock-full of eternal staples. (I’m looking at you Khans of Tarkir.)

Today we are going to crunch some numbers to find out if it is worth going through the effort to redeem Magic Origins, for both non-foil and foil sets.

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3 thoughts on “PROTRADER: To Redeem or Not to Redeem:Magic Origins

  1. Nice article. I really like redemption as it helps me in getting my stuff for constructed. Makes me do less rare-draft. 🙂 Saves me cost and sometimes get good profits.

    I think there is good value to be made considering I already purchased a playset of non-foil Origins for redemption this week. And once I get them I can probably trade them out or sell right away while the demand is still high.

  2. Thanks for the article, I was really looking forward to this one. Sounds like a foil set might be in my future. Would you imagine that a foil set will be the same price in late september? More or less maybe? If you do indeed want a foil set by the end of the year… Is right now the best time to buy online and redeem?

  3. Always appreciate these articles as it’s kind of reassuring to read comments from a trusted author that echo my own sentiments. I only ever redeem for collection-purposes (I’m one of the unlucky SOBs to live outside the US and pay the extra ‘tax’ on this service). But being able to get an entire foil set for a fraction of the cost, which I’m going to want to collect anyways, is just smart money in the long run.

    Keep up the great work, Guo! Always love your stuff.

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