PROTRADER: Rotation Picks for the Cheap-Ass Casual Player

I don’t make any secret of my disdain for spending more than I have to for Magic cards. Immediate tournament needs aside, I am more than happy to wait a year or two to acquire a copy of a card for my cube or Commander deck if it will save me a few bucks.



With everyone’s attention focused on Battle for Zendikar and Theros block prices at all-time lows, now is the time for casual-format acquisitions we’ve been putting off in the face of not-quite-bottomed-out prices. We’ll be touching mostly on Theros block today, but a few other cards and sets will get a call out, as well.

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8 thoughts on “PROTRADER: Rotation Picks for the Cheap-Ass Casual Player”

  1. You guys added ads on September 14th to that make it impossible for iPhone users to navigate easily

  2. Your first article tells me that your view of magic is the same as mine. I love trading sphinx’s rev at $25 for 5 edh cards I need and then a year later picking that same card up for $7 to play with. I only play edh so this limits my desire to pick up cards and speculate unless I can play them in the meantime. For example I picked up a playset of wingmate rocs and rattleclaw mystics for speculation and will do nothing with them if they flop.

    I have a collection of roughly $2500 and only play 3 edh decks. I recently played my first draft outside of a prerelease and i am very fond of building a deck on the spot and dueling. I want to branch off into cube because I think it’ll fuel that collector in me that stills wants to play with the goodies.

    Problem is I only vaguely know about cube. Was wondering if you could point me to any articles mtgprice has written focused around cube? Or even a link to somewhere that will help me get started on building my own cube?

    1. Check out Tolarian Community College on youtbe. The professor has a few cube videos up. I don’t know if they cover the financial aspect as much, but they are great for learning “Cube Construction”.

  3. Do you think that the “cheap” buying window is going to shrink now that rotation is changing? Are we going to have longer to pick up cheap theros and m15 cards than say… FRF or DTK when they rotate?

    I’m very interested in shifting trends. History is important but current events change things up a lot. This was my thinking behind the question.

  4. Thanks I should have thought of him. His videos are what swayed me into switching all my binders to Legion dragon hide ones

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