PROTRADER: September MTG Finance Grab Bag


This is the opening paragraph of today’s article; you are currently reading what is called an “attention-grabber.” The purpose of this introduction is to outline the remainder of the article with some variety of anecdote or short story. Of course, today is going to be a grab bag of a few topics not large enough to compose their own article, so there is really no glue to hold them all together. So we can either draw this platitude out, or we can get down to business.

That’s what I thought.

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expensive cards

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2 thoughts on “PROTRADER: September MTG Finance Grab Bag”

  1. Under Brutal Explosion…maybe it’s because it’s nearly 1 AM local time, but I’m not understanding any rulings point you make except for effectively Remanding uncounterable spells (since you’re not countering it via an effect, but rather game rules, so that’s understandable).

  2. Sshhh… Quit talking about landfall! Let everyone buy up eldrazi and allies and let’s split the landfall specs? 🙂

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