Brainstorm Brewery Battle for Zendikar Set Review


Brainstorm Brewery #163- Battle for Zendikar Set Review


Battle for Zendikar Set Review


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2 thoughts on “Brainstorm Brewery Battle for Zendikar Set Review”

  1. Bring to light sure is powerful… Do the math:

    I want to fetch abrupt decay:
    Demonic Tutor – 2, plus 2 to cast
    Bring to Light – 5, plus 0 to cast

    This is 1 mana behind Demonic Freaking Tutor in a lot of cases. Heck, in VINTAGE… my hand is empty, I need to fetch timetwister:
    Demonic Tutor – 2 plus 3 to cast
    Bring to Light – 5, plus 0 to cast

    Heck, you can play it in modern and put wheel of fate in there instead of twister. not sure what deck needs that, but, point is, this thing is flexible.

    This thing has potential all over the place, not even counting the “suspend” cards it can insta-cast. you can even be “choosey” with what you cast instead of having to cascade into one of them, you could build a deck around proper suspend cards.

    1. Bring to light is a really cool and unique card and it has a lot of power when played for 4-5 colours, That is why I immediately bought three playsets at once for about 1 dollar each 🙂

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