PROTRADER: Now is the Season

Sure, the holidays aren’t on us yet, but now is the season, now is the time. We wait all year for this time to come around, and it’s finally here. Months and months of work, for this moment.

For what, exactly?

Making money.

A History Lesson

I know the most exciting part of any Magic column is when you get to pull out the history books. But bear with me, I promise it’s worth it. And hey, it’s a visual lesson!

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expensive cards

ProTrader: Magic doesn’t have to be expensive.

P.S. On the subject of Standard, I set off quite the internet discussion this week with this video. Take a few minutes to watch it if you’re interested, and I would love any feedback. Thanks!

5 thoughts on “PROTRADER: Now is the Season”

  1. “Tax returns come in after the new year, and that’s an easy excuse to buy Magic cards.”

    This depends on where you live of course, so could hardly been seen as the reason for a world wide decline.

    1. What I wanted to say:
      this needs more research, so more insight in data.
      It would be good to get the insight of scg for example. They will probably have more insight in the metadata and can enlighten us. (I guess they can profile their customers based on the kind of cards they buy?)

      1. Yeah, I’m aware of the tax timing, which is why I said “Obviously none of these is solely responsible—and some of them are U.S.-based only—but I believe they combine to create this effect.”


  2. Any suggestions for a goud out on my wingmate rocs. I am currently sitting at a profit but noone seems to actually want them

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