Floor Reports: Grand Prix Indianapolis

Hey Guys!

GP Indy was a great time this weekend. With 11 vendors in the room, there were plenty of opportunities to get top dollar with so much competition for the bucks in your binder. I figured I’d share my opinion of GP Indy with you, so that you guys can come to recognize the GP scene more. As a disclaimer once again, I’m not a writer, only a finance guy who wanted to express my opinion.

For this GP, I decided to ogre a few cards in my collection. Ogreing is named after a well-known vendor called Ogre, who is present at pretty much every GP. It’s pretty simple. You get a two or four-row and fill it with cards by price that you want to get on each card. Using top loaders or sticky notes,  write how much you want for each card and have each vendor pull out the cards if they’re okay paying the price of the card in your column. It saves the vendors a ton of time, and allows you to get top buylist for each card.

Let’s get in to the 11 vendors and what each of them brought to the GP!

MTG Deals

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MTG Deals attended their first Midwest GP in quite a while. They came strong out of the gate with a buy price of $30 on Gideon and $57 on Jace, Vyrn Prodigy, as well as a strong buylist price of $5 on Anafenza and $4 on Oblivion Sower. With Sower appearing to be a failed buy for now, it was a good weekend to dump copies at a break-even point. I didn’t sell anything to MTGDeals, but I did buy a few cards from them. Like most vendors, they had a played section case for deals that appealed to players of all stripes. I found a warped reliquary tower promo for $1 which I kept for personal use, and a beat up Thoughtseize for 13 that I traded for a monastery mentor. I hope to see them in the future for more sweet deals in their played case, and hopefully next time I will have cards to sell them on their hotlist.

Tales of Adventure 

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Tales had a strong buying crew this weekend. Adam; normally a floor grinder for Ogre was buying for them in his usual tophat. They seemed eager to buy cards, and were definitely asking every person walking by if they could see their binders. I also didn’t sell any cards to them, but Adam’s power of persuasion incited my need to spend a couple dollars on a playset of Splinter Twin. Their other buyers were also friendly, and they definitely had a line on Friday of people waiting to sell cards. With bulk buy prices of 11 cents per rare and $4 per thousand on bulk C/U, many people were outing bulk to them throughout the weekend.

Hotsauce Games 

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Hotsauce was an interesting experience to say the least. Although it didn’t seem like they had stellar buy prices outside of Ulamog at $12, they definitely had enough people selling to them to make it a profitable venture. Aaron Werst, a bubbly shop owner from Indiana, was in attendance with quite a few people stopping by to see how he was doing and sell him some stuff. Joe Bernal, a well-known grinder when he’s playing, was buying for them this weekend as well. I didn’t get the numbers I wanted on cards I showed them, but their deals sure were hot. I picked up a played Tropical Island for $90, a foil Time Spiral Vesuva for $15, and a played Volcanic Island for $175. I sold the Vesuva to Coolstuff for a dollar more, and expect to get a premium in trade in the future for the dual lands. I highly recommend stopping by this booth in the future to buy some cheap cards out of their case.

Coolstuff Inc. 

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Coolstuff has always been known as a great booth to sell and buy casual cards from. They definitely lived up to my expectations this weekend. After picking through my ogre box, they pulled out about 20% of my cards. Getting $1 on Wild Slashes, Chaos Warps, and Jet Medallions sure added up fast. I was able to trade in for a LP Mana Drain with their store credit bonus of 25%. I also got about $150 in cash from them for the other cards that I sold them. They didn’t have the cheapest prices in the room as far as selling cards went, but they were definitely paying high numbers on random cards throughout the weekend. Their buyers are also some of my favorite people to work with, as they know how to chat with the players instead of grumpily offering numbers on cards with a dour face.

Pink Bunny Gaming 

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Pink Bunny has always been an interesting case for both me and other sellers in the room. Their online reviews are quite bad, and I have always stayed away from their booth due to past experiences of them cancelling my orders. In my opinion, they seemed to have turned over a new leaf at this GP. Their head buyer Damien was extremely charismatic this weekend, and after a lengthy discussion about buying tips convinced me to sell him some cards. Their prices on them were fair , and they matched a couple of top buylists in my ogre box on cards that they were confident they could move. I hope to see a repeat performance from them in the future, and cautiously advise you guys to stop by and see their prices at the next GP.

Aether Games 

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Aether came out swinging this weekend. Not only were they offering insane prices on competitive cards, they also were vending two GPs simultaneously on two different continents, splitting up their buying talent. After trading a Mox sapphire for Tasigurs and Eidolons at Buylist last weekend, I was really happy to make a profit selling those cards to Aether. They took over a hundred Tasigurs and 40 Eidolons from me, as well as many Constructed staples such as a complete set of 40 shock lands and over 20 fetch lands. Aether is still my go-to place to sell competitive cards, as I’m not sure that anyone can beat buy prices above TCGLow. It could have been possible to crack BFZ Event Decks and almost get 40 free cards after selling them Hangarbacks, Tasigurs, and Whisperwood Elementals. I sat down with Keith multiple times, and he was quick and professional when buying from me. They also had pretty good deals on Expeditions, such as Temple Gardens at 45 that seemed to disappear whenever I turned to look at another case. Aether has been my first stop when the doors open at every GP for the last couple of months, and I see no reason to go to another vendor first. However, it also has become well known that they are not interested in casual cards in the slightest, so I don’t advise selling any EDH cards to them unless you want to hear lower numbers than normal.


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Pastimes looked through my ogre box and pulled out around 50 copies of Roast and Silkwrap that they bought for $1 each. I was pretty happy with the profits, but not happy with the mood of their buyers. They didn’t seem happy to be there, and should have greeted each potential seller with a smile on their face. I haven’t really sold much to Pastimes in the past, and honestly I haven’t seen a reason to do business with pastimes at almost any GP. They haven’t paid higher than any other vendor in the room for a while, and it seems to be locals that like to sell to them to support their shop.


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I haven’t seen MTGFirst at a GP for quite a while. They didn’t seem to have great buy prices or sell prices. However, they had a shelf entirely full of alters which looked really amazing.  The prices weren’t that much more expensive than the normal cards, but I wasn’t in the market for alters at this GP. If you see them in the future, I recommend stopping by to see what they have in stock alter-wise,  but they seemed tepid at best for selling to based on their hotlist and the amount of people selling this weekend.

Q&A Magic 

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Q&A Magic debuted for their first time this weekend.  AJ from Gray Ogre decided to open his own booth, and he had Ogre working the booth for him this weekend as well. As always, when Ogre is working at any booth, you need to stop by. I’m not sure what it is about Ogre besides his smile, but he could charge $20 to talk with him at GPs and people would line up to say hi. Due to Ogre working at Q&A , they had a considerable amount of traffic this weekend. In order to stay competitive, they raised buy prices on their hotlist to match other vendors this weekend.

They seemed determined to make a name for themselves on the circuit, and this GP was a great start to it. Ogre picked through my Ogre box and didn’t find anything, but he did find a small amount of cards in my binders that he paid handsomely on. However, they also weren’t without their faults. AJ had the persona of a brick wall when dealing with many people this weekend. Although I was happy with my experience, quite a few of you reached out to me on Twitter about how you were treated at his booth. I also wasn’t happy with his practice of pulling out cards and putting them on the mat, and then downgrading them for condition right before adding cards up. Hopefully this practice will cease soon, as it made me feel uncomfortable seeing my $9 sell price on Sacred Foundry go down to $7 right before I was handed cash.  As a newcomer to the scene, I still recommend stopping by Q&A magic in the future to see some of their deals and buy prices. They also were willing to negotiate on cash buys for random foils such as cascade bluffs and shizo, death’s storehouse. Being flexible might not make the best margins for them, but it sure made me a happy customer!

Alter Reality Games 

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Alter Reality Games didn’t bring much to the table this weekend, besides overpriced Modern Masters packs compared to the rest of the vendors at $12. I was quoted about 20% lower prices than top vendors like Coolstuff and MTGDeals. I also wasn’t happy with the mood of their buyers. They didn’t seem to interact with any of the sellers sitting next to me, and didn’t attempt to make conversation or friendly banter with anyone. The mood of a buyer is important to me, as I want to feel happy sitting down across from you while selling cards instead of listening to grunted numbers. After a negative experience as well at SCGSTL, I’m going to stay away from these guys for a while. Once again, this is just a personal view of mine. If you had a different experience, feel free to leave comments or reach me on twitter @lengthyxemit.

Dave & Adams Card Shop 

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Dave and Adams brought the most high-end inventory by far with hundreds of graded pieces of Power. They picked through the rest of my Ogre box and took the dregs, as well as a couple commander and Khans cards. I struck up a conversation with the head buyer, and chatted for a bit while he bought cards from me. I’m sorry that I can’t remember his name, but it was definitely one of the top experiences buylisting this weekend besides Aether and Coolstuff. Even if someone is only buying $200 of cards from you, he should be able to talk about bad beats stories with old cards as well as how D&A runs their operations with one of the largest gaming spaces in the United States.  I gained a lot of insight about the price of Pokemon bulk as well ($40 per k minimum is insane!) and walked away happier with some cash and their business card in my pocket. Even though they didn’t have the highest buy prices in the room, the experience of buylisting to them will definitely make me a repeat customer. They also had sealed high end product such as Collector’s Edition, Legends, and a Revised box that were cool to look at though a bit out of my price range.

Pastimes as TO

Disclaimer: This weekend was Halloween and RPTQ weekend, which may have led to the numbers below. However, it should also be noted that there was a RPTQ on site Friday afternoon.

So as many of you read from my tweets, pastimes TO’d an interesting GP this weekend. Pastimes rented one event hall for Friday, two for Saturday, and one for Sunday in order to accommodate all of the players for the GP. The thing is, they didn’t even need the second hall Saturday because not enough people showed up! A $70 fee to enter a GP is approaching ludicrous territory. Pastimes seems to have overestimated the amount of people willing to pay $70 and have $700 tier one decks.

On top of that, myself and a couple friends attempted to enter a Legacy Win-a-Box and ran into trouble. They were asking $20, more than twice the cost of a box for them since they rake in $160 per event. After looking online, it said that their Legacy Win-a-Box was $15. We showed it to them, and they still insisted that it was $20, as well as the Legacy side event also being $20. After being frustrated, we decided to not spend another dollar at Pastimes that weekend and instead play casual Legacy in a corner of the room. I honestly will most likely not attend another Pastimes GP for quite a while after this weekend. After attending both GP Chicago and GP Indy, it’s time to ask for a better TO in the Midwest than Pastimes.

The low attendance also had an effect on the vendors. Friday was very good for all of them, but after Round 2 of Saturday, there were very few people selling to any of the vendors for the rest of the weekend as some of my pictures show even in between rounds when people are normally selling. I think most of the vendors made an okay amount of money, but due to the lackluster attendance were not able to get enough cards in to make the Grand Prix as profitable as any others this month. Fetchland buy prices had also stabilized across all of the vendors, plateauing at $20 on Polluted Deltas instead of being higher like other GPs this month. Bloodstained Mire was the most sought after fetch this weekend for some reason, and at least four of the vendors had none in stock by the beginning of the GP. As of the time of writing the article, I’m still not sure where the meta is that prompted the high demand for Bloodstained Mires this weekend.

Anyways, thanks for reading. Once again these are my opinions, and I’d love feedback on your experiences at GP Indy.  Until the Next One!


Bonus Questions:

Question: Biggest Trap in MTGFinance?

Using TCG Mid for trades – Coolstuff Buyer

Condition of Cards . On older cards, SP to MP Prices vary a lot and can be the difference between a $3,000 Black Lotus and a $5,000 Lotus – Ogre.

Foils newer than Zendikar for eternal staples. There’s just too many and they’re printing for millions of players – Floor Grinder.


What’s one thing Sellers should know before sitting across from a buyer?

Having a binder of bulk rares with a couple $4 dollar cards in it. It wastes both of our time –Aether Buyer.

Unorganized Binders – Tales of Adventure Buyer.

We’re trying to make a living. Understand that we do need to make a profit on these cards, and sometimes can’t afford to pay high on certain cards because they don’t move well for us. –Anonymous Store Owner.



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  1. I still strongly advise against selling to pink bunny. They are know for offering very low prices on cards. I’ve seen them offer $1 on shock lands and I’ve had them not honor their hot list board for me also.

    1. Yeah. I didn’t sell them much, but after forming a relationship with a vendor they will be more inclined to offer you better #s. If they keep it up in the future, I will hesitatingly sell to them again.

  2. For Daves and Adams, the Main seller would have been Joe S. or Blaine C. Great guys as I know them personally.

      1. It will never be confirmed unless steve says something about it which I highly doubt. That was however the word on the floor of the GP by multiple people which is why I said it’s a rumor floating around.

    1. Because the actual cash value of a card is much closer to the low than the median. Cards can be far off in median but extremely close in low which is indicative that one should be worth less than it is (or the other should be worth more)

  3. I had a GREAT experience selling at GP Indy!! I buy and sell a lot and have worked with a lot of these vendors at previous events. Hotsauce Games bought the overwhelming majority of my stuff ($2674 ), paying my price on almost everything and even paying me more than my asking price on stuff that they had higher on their buy list. I’ve had a bad experience with one of the coolstuff buyers (tried paying me $0.10 for heartbeat of spring and liliana’s caress) so I skipped them. Tales of adventure was great to sell to. They took 100k bulk no questions asked and paid my price on everything that was in my box. The guys at ARG may be light in the personality department, but after you deal with them once or twice they lighten up a LOT. Damien at Pink Bunny is an awesome guy and I’ve found that he pays me better money than anyone in the room on older cards (sold him an alpha pure lace and a beta forcefield), also, at a lot of events his adorable daughter will flip coins with you for a $100 a flip.

    1. we packwared a case of modern masters 2 with damien. He’s pretty chill and took losing quite a bit pretty well.

  4. I bought misprints from Damien at Gen Con this year and thought he was a fun guy to talk and negotiate with. I can’t speak to selling to him, but he had a larger volume of oddities than any other booth at the Con, and he was patient and fun.

  5. Dave and Adams is a vendor I’ll never do business with again. After taking multiple offers on my Black Lotus (unlimited, HP) I decided to sell it to D&A for $2,000 cash and $300 credit. It was a great offer that I was happy to take. I picked out $247 of cards from the cases and they were getting the cash when one of their people walked up and stopped the deal. He pulled all of the D&A people aside and whispered to them for a few minutes. The employee I was making the deal with came back and informed me that the deal was off the table and they had a new offer of $1800 cash, no credit. He said that they wouldn’t budge on the offer and that he was sorry. He’d just been informed that they bought too many Black Lotus.

    That is not how you do business. I can understand them not “needing” to buy a Black Lotus, but when the cash and cards are on the table, you don’t yank everything back and make a new offer.

    Dave and Adams has lost any potential business from myself and the players in my groups in central Illinois. What a joke.

    1. I had a similar situation, but I didn’t lose the deal. They had a set of 50 beta lands (10x each matching pictures almost all being NM-SP). It had a $216 price on it. I offered $200 and the offer was accepted. Then for some reason, they needed to take it off to the side and log that there was a change or something. The person doing that complained about it a lot and said that the person shouldn’t have done it. It had the tone like he was going to tell me that the deal couldn’t happen. In the end, I got the cards at the offered price, but the awkward interaction left me not wanting to go back.

  6. I sold $415 in cards to hotsaucegames. They were very friendly and easy to deal with. Pack wars and fun times. I also sold $35 in cards to MTGdeals who were very fair on my played items. Tales of Adventure bought the rest of my cards for $71. Overall I had only positive experiences to say about all of these and I hope to see them all at more events.

  7. I had a bad experience trading to ARG as well when I was at SCG St Louis. It was my experience selling to a vendor at an event and I was thoroughly disgusted to the point that I felt selling to vendors was a waste of time. To hear that I wasn’t wrong about them buying at prices 20% lower than they should be on average. I am glad to find out that other vendors are not the same. Thanks for all your input, great article.

  8. I’m ARG’s defense, they are mostly a Yugioh dealer and new to the Magic game. I’m sure they’ll adjust. I just hope that the do it before they completely ruin their rep.

  9. I want to ask a general question about selling foreign cards. I collect in Taiwan so my cards are traditional Chinese. Do any of the vendors pay a premium for t-Chinese or would it work against me?

    1. @Fred: It’s very hard to move Foreign to vendors, if they accept it at all.

      I am still shocked Pastimes is still given these GPs by WotC OP despite all of the issues and negative feedback they’ve received. There are plenty of other TOs that can do a much much better job.

    2. In the US, Chinese cards are generally seen as less valuable than English. You can only sometimes get a premium on Korean, Japanese, and Russian. Everything else is only specific to people who want them.

  10. I was at this gp and madison have to say your reviews are a little off again. You have some sort of like for ogre. When I went to him at both events he offered really low and did not seem like he knew the prices of any cards at all. Just would say what do you want. This makes me feel he purposely is trying to take my cards for less money. I find the ogee to be insulting for prices. He is friendly. Pink bunny was a disappointment once again, it’s like he just wants my stuff for free. Deals aether Channel face and old guy for foils and the big ex trollandtoad guy are all I deal with. So many others just pay you less or sell to those other dealers. I’ve seen it happen. If you want to make money go to the right dealers. You should test that out yourself for the blog. Force yourself to deal with all of them and have no prior opinions. You give credit to some people but say bad things for the other dealers who do the same thing as the guy you liked. Your blogs good just keep working at it.

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