PROTRADER: Planeswalker Finance, November 2015

It’s time to return to the card type with the fewest options in existence: planeswalker. We last visited this topic in April 2015, and with more than six months passed, a review of what’s happened since then—both in price movement for old cards and printings of new cards—is warranted.

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4 thoughts on “PROTRADER: Planeswalker Finance, November 2015”

  1. Not a word about Ob Nixilis, Reignited ? IMHO, this one might see new interest when the next rotation will be there…

    1. Oh man, you’re right. I like Ob Nixilis, a lot. Its current $8 price seems like a fine trade point, and if it drops to $5 or $6, I could see it being a fine cash buy in for a few playsets. Black doesn’t have many powerful planeswalkers in its history outside of LOTV. I think Ob Nix might be second.

  2. Narset Tran. will see some play after April rotation, but I agree that $10 is too much of a buy-in. Her floor was around $7 a few months ago and that was the time to buy.
    The Theros walkers all look like great pick-ups right now, especially Ashiok. BFZ Kiora is $5 now and I think she will also benefit from April rotation. It may be a risky spec but I’m taking the chance.

  3. Unless you want Planeswalker Overload then Vess wont make a 450 Cube. I have Of the Veil, Ob Nix Reignited and flippy Lilliana as a 1/2 walker that is plenty per colour. List of Walkers in my 500 Cube (also have all 5 flippys). 2 per colour one per guild, colourless ones and tri walkers

    Gideon Ally
    Elspeth Knight
    Jace Mindsculpter
    Jace Beleren
    Liliana of Veil
    Ob Reignited
    Sarkhan Dragonspeaker
    Chandra Pyromancer (Koth is fine but linear)
    Nissa Worldwaker
    Garruk Wildspeaker (Green is the hardest to pick a second after Garruk)
    Nicol Bolas
    Sarkhan Unbroken
    Ajani Vengeant
    Garruk Apex Predator
    Kiora Master of Waves
    Sorin, Lord of Innestrad
    Ral Zarek (Dak is better in Powered)
    Tezzert, Agent of Bolas
    Sarkhan the Mad
    Ajani Mentor of Heros

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