PROTRADER: Sorting the Massive Collection


I’m opening this half-written article as I sit in the airport on Thursday, annoyed that I wasn’t able to publish this today as originally scheduled. The reasons were beyond my control, but that doesn’t make missing deadline feel any better.

On the plus side, at least I have some real-world finance advice to offer as a result, thought it can be boiled down pretty simply: don’t get robbed on vacation.

I took this last week to go on a short vacation with friends to watch the Saints-Panthers football game in New Orleans (game was great). Unfortunately, on one of the first nights of the trip, I was accosted in the street by what I assumed was an intoxicated woman, who I pushed past as politely as I could. Unfortunately, things became more clear about 60 seconds later when I reached for my wallet and found it gone.

Getting robbed sucks, but I bear some responsibility. I didn’t move my wallet to my front pocket, I didn’t assume I was always at risk, even from what seemed like an innocent (if drunk) Bourbon Street-goer. I didn’t leave my extra cards behind at the room. All in all, the mistake cost me a few hundred dollars, and the time I spent dealing with the fallout (and getting my passport overnighted to Louisiana) cost me the time allotted to write this article.

Learn from my mistake, and the next time you’re on vacation, be a little smarter than I was.

Back to the Collection

So with that out of the way: Hey everyone, welcome to the second part of this series! I was happy to see how well the first article was received, and I’m excited to follow up on that this week.

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