Brainstorm Brewery #175 – Instances of Sorceries


Corbin starts us off by regaling all of us with a tale of his pocket getting “picketed” and we’re off to the races with a great episode where clearly we know there isn’t a lot to talk about Magic-wise until we start discussing it and, holy crap there’s actually a lot to talk about. The episode goes a little long. These things happen. The important thing to remember is that we’re your favorite Magic podcast and Corbin getting robbed is hilarious. There’s time to discuss spoilers, why it’s terrible that we have so many spoilers, and why this set is going to be a real financial curveball.


  • Corbin’s picket-pocket story
  • SPERLERS! Sperlers galore!
  • Expeditions are discussed at length
  • Potential new fair dual lands?
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