Brainstorm Brewery #180 – You’re Not Even a Judge

There were lots of happenings the last few weeks and since we didn’t get to talk about anything last week due to the set review, we decided to jimmy jam everything into one action-packed episode and get caught up. There were prerelease weekend shenanigans, GP Oakland was a thing, multiple bannings happened and Reddit showed how bad they are at reading comprehension and how good they are at pillorying innocent WotC employees. There’s a lot to cover, so why not stop reading the show notes because reading is for nerds, and sit back and put this podcast in your head holes. You’re about to be taken to value town.


  • Salty Corbin
  • Gp Oakland stories
  • Prerelease weekend!
  • Bannings? What do they mean?
  • Ryan and Corbin talk about homebrews and it’s Jason’s turn to be salty
  • Prophet of Kruphix was banned, it’s barely discussed
  • Pick of the WEEEEEK
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5 thoughts on “Brainstorm Brewery #180 – You’re Not Even a Judge”

  1. The L3 judge at the Prophecy prerelease was a) not a WotC employee and b) wrong, at least by today’s standards.

    Judges should only issue proxies for cards that have been damaged through the course of play, perhaps because some idiot spilled their drink on it. Anything else, tough.

    1. It has slightly more discretion than that at non competitive REL such as FNM. I have known judges give proxies for example when a player has see through sleeves and flip walkers but no checklist cards on hand. This makes more sense than forcing the player to use a basic or buy new sleeves etc.

  2. Wake up people!
    “Diversity” is code word for “Anti-Twin”
    All that aside, they should’ve banned Tarmogoyf. It is the most flavorless degenerate green card in the format.

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