Brainstorm Brewery #183 – Masters, Eternally

Eternal Masters is announced and there literally isn’t much else to talk about. Really. Check below if you think we talked about more because we didn’t.


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  • Baby finance!
  • No more duel decks?
  • Eternal Masters. Alllll day.
  • New format?
  • Conspiracy?
  • Legacy the same as modern?
  • Pick of the WEEEEEK!
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5 thoughts on “Brainstorm Brewery #183 – Masters, Eternally”

  1. What about a theme looking at the history of Magic Finance, and where Magic Finance and the game have gone since you started doing the podcast?

  2. Thanks 🙂 I find Jason’s humor on the cast to occasionally be annoying but it’s also had me rolling in laughter before too.

  3. After having read their announcement, I’m not sure that there will be any Modern cards at all. There’s no mention of cards for that format. I’d say there will be Commander, Conspiracy, Planechase, pre-Modern, and banned Modern. Should we take them at exactly what they say with this?

    I don’t follow social media, so I’m unsure of what’s been said there.

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