PROTRADER: Everything In Its Right Place

This week’s article is not a continuation of the Playing Better series (which will continue next week), but is more of an address to the various things that have come up since I started that series. This is going to be one of those grab bag style pieces that is slightly more focused than a collection of quick hits. If there is one major point to be made, however, it’s the following:

NOT EVERYTHING IS FOR EVERYBODY: We have three supplemental Magic products coming out this summer, and they are all in the form of actual sets (as opposed to pre-constructed decks or something). This is unprecedented, and has a type of psychological impact that people have largely had trouble articulating.

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2 thoughts on “PROTRADER: Everything In Its Right Place”

  1. What are some of your picks for cards in the current standard that will be good for Madness? Does anything stand out from ORI/DTK/BFZ/OGW in your mind? Obviously Chandra seems good but how about Kozilek’s ability do discard cards while countering spells coupled with the upside of madness? I was thinking a Kozilek Kontrol deck would be kind of… Krazy.

    Wipe the board, get Kozilek on deck and draw a new hand. Counter as many spells as you can on your opponents turn using Koz’s ability, discarding cards and leave mana up for paying the madness cost. Then again… Kozilek should win you the game anyway if he hits the board. What about some less talked about cards?

    Do cards like Macabre Waltz have a chance of seeing any play? Or is that stretching too far in regards to Madness synergies. Coupled with Fiery Temper (unofficial?), you could get back 2 creatures and deal 3 damage to your opponent for 1B and the R from Fiery Temper’s madness. Seems pretty legit after a board wipe or if you are filling up your graveyard anyway. Or it might be magical christmas land in commonville and none of this is financially relevant? I don’t know.

    In any case… Check out the art on Macabre Waltz… Pretty Hot Gruesome Twosome right? Now imagine you get back “Mom and Dad” and a little baby creature with it… Awwww. And the whole family is hitting the board next turn UNLESS… your opponent decides to cast something you would like to counter using Kozilek’s ability. Sounds fun to me.

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