PROTRADER: Investing on the Classics

This week many writers will touch upon the latest spoilers from Shadows Over Innistrad. They’ll talk about how Angels and Zombies will gain more popularity amongst casual players. The most savvy writers will even predict what implications these new additions to Standard will have on prices once the format rotates.

I like Zombie cards – lately Corbin convinced me that Endless Ranks of the Dead is a good pickup, so I started there.


That’s all I got.

Other writers will probably cover the three Modern Grand Prix from this weekend, discussing the metagame and surprising breakout cards. All I can say is that it’s Sunday morning right now and Kai Budde’s tweet sums up my attitude towards the format.


At those odds, I would have taken that deck. Which brings me to my advice: sell Eldrazi cards. That’s all I got for Modern.

With those out of the way, I can shift my attention to more steady, consistent investment areas – ones which I have been actively buying into for months now. I believe these bets will pay off handsomely in the long term while at the same time minimizing downside risk. Low risk high reward…these are my favorite types of investments! Allow me to explain.

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10 thoughts on “PROTRADER: Investing on the Classics”

  1. Great article Sig as usual 🙂
    Just a note to temper your advice. I have the feeling that this “collectible/old school” market is less liquid than the official sanction format.
    I agree price have been steadily on the rise the past years but as a seller it takes time to move such cards. It takes way more time to sell a power 9 than mordern playable cards.
    You won’t loose money but you’ll struggle to sell the cards, that’s a drawback to consider.

  2. Thanks! You offer up a great build, and I appreciate the insight. I’d like to add some more perspective on the point.

    It is definitely not easy to move a large position of Old School cards. For example, speculating on many copies of an Unlimited Drain Power could prove challenging. Moving many copies of this card will be tough because the number of players who demand this card has to be in the 1’s or 10’s. I’m noticing that when I auction off some old school cards on eBay, many of the same bidders are coming back again and again. There isn’t robust demand for these cards, but fortunately there doesn’t have to be for prices to move. The trick, to your point, is selling at the higher prices. That’s the part that will require some patience.

    As for P9 – Power can be extremely easy to sell, if the price is right. On multiple occasions I’ve tweeted a couple pictures of a Mox and I received multiple prompt replies asking for a price. If you price aggressively, you can move the card very quickly. Just look at how much power is sold in the high end Facebook group. Now…if you want to sell Power at higher prices, then you’ll struggle a great deal. This emphasizes how critical it is to acquire these cards at favorable pricing in order to set yourself up well to profit. I think that’s a key message.

    Thanks again for the kind words and the thoughtful comment!


  3. Now’s the time to become a ProTrader! The artcile quality has gone up exponentially, and as a member for a number of months I highly recommend it.

  4. Um no, I’d rather go to quietspeculation if I wanted to spend money on mtg finance. Agree with the decline in free content on this site. Plus, you guys stated when you established Protrader articles that articles would be unlocked after 45 days, and you clearly reneged on this. Again I strongly urge anyone that wants to pay money to go to quietspeculation instead.

    1. Hey JC99,

      MTGPrice content is collectively the best in the niche, without a doubt, especially when ProTrader content is included and our paid accounts are significantly less expensive than the competitors, while offering a stronger set of collection management tools.

      We have some changes coming to Pro Trader designed to make things even better for our members, to ensure they get full value for their dollar. These changes will also include a revised unlock policy for paid content that should peak your interest. Stay tuned.


    1. As soon as we’re convinced the app situation is well in order so we can redirect our development time in another direction. Within the month, surely.

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