PROTRADER: Playing Better part 3, Deckbuilding

What is the best deck for a person ultimately more concerned with Magic Finance?

Red Deck Wins.

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…What, you’re still here? Okaaaay, we’ll actually do this. Geez, y’all are a pushy bunch.

All joking aside, there are two major points that I want to touch on today, and they are both important subjects that have not been covered much, if at all, recently. The first is going to be the shorter, more game-play based topic of playing the right type of deck, while the second is going to try and figure out HOW to buy in to future Standards. The latter may sound silly at first, but recognize that we are still treading into unknown territory with regards to the new rotation schedule, and if you haven’t been around since Khans, where do you start? Figuring out how to get new or lapsed players in (or back in) to the tournament scene is a great way to grow your market, as well as anticipate future trends.

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