PROTRADER: Shadows over Innistrad Rotation Review


I talked a lot last week about Rotation for Standard and how it is going to affect player interest in our most short-lived format. I also covered the cards from Dragons of Tarkir and Magic Origins that I thought fit well in this new world and evaluated their financial upside.

This week I’m going to complete that analysis — this time with Battle for Zendikar and Oath of the Gatewatch — to take us live into the new (and mad) world of Standard!

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9 thoughts on “PROTRADER: Shadows over Innistrad Rotation Review”

  1. Drana spiked. Will it stay? Or did someone/someones over-invest? It’s currently hanging at the price point you identified. But I imagine there will be a contraction as those holding for a spike start to sell off.

    1. Unfortunately, the current price isn’t going anywhere. It will be extremely good with Madness, and is a good card even without it. If you need these to play with you just have to bite the bullet at this point.

  2. Corbin, is bullet 2 of the OGW section still talking about Eldrazi Displacer or is there a different card?

  3. I don’t think Reflector mage stays as popular as it has been post rotation. You can’t easily splash a third color to be able to cast it on turn 3 without fetches.

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