Brainstorm Brewery #186 – We’re a Real Podcast Now


Marcel is gone but he is not forgotten in this bite-sized episode where the remaining team digs into the mailbag. Announcements are made, help is requested, e-mails are read, things of the week are picked. Just listen.


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One thought on “Brainstorm Brewery #186 – We’re a Real Podcast Now”

  1. Yo dawg I heard you made a pick of the week out of Myth Realized because it’s similar to Thing in the Ice. I’m here to disagree with that analysis from a Vintage / Legacy perspective. I love the card — love it! — but it’s not going anywhere competitively any time soon.

    There are two ways creatures grow in Magic: vertical and horizontal. Ignoring temporary boosts like Mr. Teeth, vertical growth includes Quiron Dryad, Managorger Hydra, and Myth Realized, among others. Horizontal growth includes Young Pyromancer, Hangerback Walker, and Monastery Mentor. The latter are widely played in Vintage and show up in Modern and Legacy. The former show up basically nowhere. Why?

    Because spot removal is so powerful in those formats. People can’t invest resources, attention, or even a card into something that is just going to at an Abrupt Decay or Swords to Plowshares or get chumped. I mean, they COULD, but they’d be foolish to do that when they could instead make a token army.

    Thing in the Ice is worthy of consideration basically because: (1) it is Blue; (2) it ends the game REALLY FAST; and (3) it has a removal effect stapled to it, and critically, a removal effect that trumps the horizontal strategy by killing tokens.

    Myth Realized does none of these things. So, while it’s true that it benefits from the same cards that benefit Thing in the Ice, it’s wrong to think it actually has a home there. The existence of Thing does NOTHING to make vertical growth generally better. Any deck you might want to put Myth into is probably still better served with a Young Pyro, for example.

    Generally, if Thing in the Ice does well, why wouldn’t it just be played in the same deck as token generators? Sure, you wouldn’t flip your Thing if you’ve got a bigger token army, but if you have a bigger token army, aren’t you winning already?

    I wouldn’t count on Myth going above the price of a highly appealling casual card. This makes me sad, but I think it’s reality.

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