PROTRADER: Summer Medley

By: Travis Allen

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Some weeks are easier than others. There are periods where I’ve got multiple articles in the chamber, and I end up waiting a month or two to finally get through them all. Other weeks…well… My article idea list has got a good 10 or 15 bullet points on it, but all of them require a considerable investment of time, something I have in short supply this week. After turning to Twitter for any suggestions and getting several that are not-quite article length, I figured I’d address several at once. You guys get lots of information, and I don’t need to be creative. Works for everyone!

A quick note: you won’t see any content out of me for awhile. I’ve got a long vacation planned, and then return to two busy weeks at work. I’m not setting any hard dates, but I probably won’t be writing here or participating in the MTG Fast Finance podcast with James for a few weeks. (Though he may grab someone to fill in for me.) I’ll be back eventually, probably before August. Don’t think I’ve abandoned all of you; I’m just on vacation.

Ok, onward to useful discussion.

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2 thoughts on “PROTRADER: Summer Medley”

  1. What do you think about JVP foils long term?

    To continue the comparison bw Jace and Snap, Snap foils have maintained a foil multiplier of 2.5 – 3.0 since March ’15 and a price of above $120 since March ’14. Foil Jace has had a multiplier of 1.5 – 2.0 for most of his life and has just dipped below the $100 mark for the first time since October.

    If his non-foil price ends up around $25-30 at rotation and the foils bottom out in the $60-$75 range, I personally like them as a pick-up. If his play eventually becomes more ubiquitous and non-foils bump back up to $50+ while foils follow suit with a ~3.0 multiplier, I don’t think hitting $125+ again is unreasonable.

    Granted, there are a lot of “ifs” in here, but I’d like to get your thoughts as well.

    1. James and I have discussed this once or twice. Foils should be much healthier in the long term. If they’re ever $50 to $60, I definitely like them, though I’m not sure we’ll ever see them that cheap. There’s only maybe two playsets under $100/ea on TCGP right now, and probably not too many more floating around elsewhere. As soon as interest in the card is turned back up again, those copies will disappear rapidly.

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