PROTRADER: Bant isn’t Simic, Forsythe!

By: Travis Allen

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Last week, we talked about cards to keep an eye on as we got ready to kick off post-Eldritch Moon Standard, with our eyes on the Pro Tour. Our goal was to identify cards that had a lot of potential to be realized by EMN additions. We’ve already seen some appear this past weekend at Columbus. On the whole the tournament was disappointing — Bant Collected Company mirrors were everywhere, with some fairly outrageous statistics. Here’s the top 64 breakdown, weighted by finish:

Bant Company 43.8%
U/W Spirits 11.5%
B/G/x Control 10.0%
G/W Tokens 10.0%
W/R Humans 7.7%
W/B Control 5.4%
G/R Goggles 3.1%
U/R Eldrazi 2.3%
G/B Delirium 1.5%
G/B/x Emerge 1.5%
Misc 3.1%

Yep. 44% of the meta was Bant Collected Company. Nearly half the decks in the room on Sunday were the same damn thing. I’m not even sure Pack Rat was this bad.

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5 thoughts on “PROTRADER: Bant isn’t Simic, Forsythe!”

  1. On EMN myhtic mapping: I opened up 2 cases Monday after seeing this on reddit.
    Case 1 had most mythics in Liliana art wrapped boosters, but 1-2 per box would also be in werewolf art. 0 non-flip mythics in Tamiyo art.
    Case 2 had ALL non-flip mythics in tamiyo packs.

    I had opened up two cases prior to this, but unfortunately I wasn’t paying attention to pack art vs mythics opened.

  2. Easy answer to drafting and bringing packs. Ask the owner to mix everything up. If they or one of the players won’t you walk away from that draft.

  3. Also worth stating this appears to only be a North America initial print run issue so far.

    1. Came here to say this – EU English packs (at a minimum) appear not to have this issue.

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