By: Travis Allen

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An Open Format

An intriguing circumstance has arisen ahead of Pro Tour Kaladesh that we haven’t seen in several years at least. Typically, two SCG Opens fire ahead of a Pro Tour. One the weekend the set is freshly legal — that would have been SCG Indianapolis ten days ago — and one the weekend immediately prior; that is, this past weekend. However, Grand Prix Atlanta was this weekend past, and it was A. run by SCG and B. limited. That means that we didn’t get the second of two Opens we normally do. We’ve frequently seen the format “stabilize” a little at the second Open of a new format. The first weekend is the wild west, and then the second is where the more dominant strategies begin to take hold and we begin to get an idea of what was an outlier and what was genuinely powerful. All of this goes on to inform PT competitors, who watch both events closely for top performers, strategies falling behind, and novel gimmicks.

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One thought on “PROTRADER: Ennui”

  1. I think you’ve illustrated the point fairly well here, and that is, the overall laws of supply and demand are at work – there is so much supply, enough in fact to meet demand, and prices overall are either declining or not increasing.

    I think I am now looking to sell before the bubble really bursts. I don’t know when it is coming, but it certainly feels like it is approaching. MM17 looks like it could potentially be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, and I really don’t want to lose value in all my post Zendikar holdings.

    I will be looking to unload before MM17. I’m thinking about moving out of a majority of my investment/collection over the next six months. The question is, what exactly do I part with, and what method do I use – buylist, cash on Ebay, or sell as a lot to a store or collector…is unknown.

    I get this feeling that I’m ‘holding the bag’, and my arms are getting tired.

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