PROTRADER: Rotation Dead Redemption Two GPs

By: Travis Allen

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Did you catch the results of GP Kuala Lumpur? Here, let me show you what happened.


That’s it. That’s what happened. That’s all of it.

Six of the eight decks were UW Midrange or UW Flash, a blurry distinction at best. That’s six decks that are nearly identical; Spell Queller, Reflector Mage, Smuggler’s Copter, and Gideon.

Oh my, the Copters and Gideons. 32 Smuggler’s copter — that’s 100% saturation — and 31 Gideons, which is 97%.

GP Providence was better, but probably not by enough. 16 Copters and 10 Gideons. 10 Gideons isn’t an alarm-worthy number at all. 16 Copters is, maybe. 16 certainly wouldn’t warrant a second glance most of the time — there were 16 Grim Flayers, for instance — but given that there were also 32 copies at Kuala Lumpur, it looks bad. This reminds me a lot of the Eldrazi weekend from earlier this year. It was that big Modern GP weekend in March, with three concurrent Modern GPs. It was something like 7/8 Eldrazi, 5/8, and 3/8. Or something like that. It was rough.

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4 thoughts on “PROTRADER: Rotation Dead Redemption Two GPs”

  1. Great article Travis, and I agree with your feelings about Chandra. I dumped all of my Kaladesh after the PT, but her. I know she didn’t see any play, and she is dropping like a rock, but I didn’t see any downside to hold her for now. She did pop up in a Legacy deck over the weekend. I think it was a Through the Breach deck.

  2. So are we thinking that any Kaladesh foils with demand will be EXTREMELY expensive once they aren’t being redeemed anymore? Are people considering buying into paper Kaladesh foils for this reason? Are people staying away from this debacle due to Wizards tendency to “reverse” their recent decisions?

    Let us consider some different scenarios:

    1: Redemption changes go forward as planned. Will this make Kaladesh mythic foils extremely expensive or will Masterpieces really offset the price enough in the paper market.

    2: Wizards REVERSES this change, just like they did with Rotation, and throws off all of our extremely rational spec choices. Are people staying away from this opportunity to spec on Kaladesh foils because they are expecting redemptions to go back to the “old” model?

    3. Are MTGO Kaladesh Foils going to be relatively expensive compared to SOI/EMN foils in the short-term. What opportunities arise from this short redemption window? Are MTGO bot chains scrambling to buy Kaladesh foils or is it business as usual with them?

  3. Maybe they throw in a copter into the next event/clash deck, like they did with Hangarback Walker.

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