PROTRADER: PucaPicks for 10/27/16

So here we are, a few weeks into this format, and it’s time to start looking at what’s a buy and what’s a sell. A lot of cards have hit a bottom, and a lot of other cards are still overpriced compared to how many more there are to be opened.

This week, I want to dive into Kaladesh and see what’s worth getting and what I think you should send away as soon as you crack it.

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3 thoughts on “PROTRADER: PucaPicks for 10/27/16”

  1. Two suggestions:

    To the author:
    Rename the title of the series to “Good cards to pick” or something not related to Pucatrade. Pucatrade has not been a reliable platform for MONTHS, and people who try to refute this are only seriously deluding themselves. Keeping an affiliation to it only serves to deceive people that it is actually a good platform to get cards, where there is a MOUNTAIN of evidence that points to the contrary.

    To the staff:
    What the fuck is with the additional advertisements? The site is highly unviewable with them around, especially since several of them redirect me to several sites or break the overall view of the articles. Are you guys that desperate for money that you need to run them? If you are, this is because of the overall SHIT attitude that you have been taking with this, the lack of transparency, and your failure to keep promises that you make to your viewers. If you are not, then please find another reliable source of revenue, as this will only turn even more people off of the site in the long run. Thank you.

    1. Hi Jiminez,

      PucaTrade is undoubtedly working through various issues, but it is far from dead based on the last stats their staff shared with me. I continue to get cards sent to me intermittently and I have sent out over $700 in cards this month alone. Where the site has failed is in providing people with the specific cards they need at any given moment. That expectation was never reasonable for a push based platform, but those of us who have networked and cast a wide net are still getting significant cards sent our way.

      As for the ads, yes, we need the revenue like any business does, and ad revenue prevents us from needing to increase Pro Trader fees. What specific ads you see entirely depends on your own interaction patterns on the Internet. I typically see benign banking and travel ads when I view the site and they do not interfere with my reading experience. Can you please login to the forums and leave specifics in the Pro Trader Council with screen shots and details of any issues you’ve had. We can then address this more accurately with our ad platform contact, cheers.

  2. Agreed on the unsafe advertisements… one of them repeatedly directed me to Freeprints. I ended up having to reset safari to get things working again on my phone. Hopefully someone can remove those advertisements soon.

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