What I want to talk about today falls more under the realm of Magic economics, not Magic finance. I want to explore a couple different concepts that may turn out to be farfetched, but have nonetheless grasped my attention. This is going to be largely theoretical at first, as there is a wide-range of stated positions even within the involved parties. Lastly, this is not an indictment (yet) of any political figure, organization or belief; although my personal views are probably somewhat apparent. My goal here is not to insult or inflame, merely to play out some scenarios that could have a tangible impact on Magic. I realize that in the grand scheme of things that a card game is not the top priority on everyone’s list, but perhaps you can apply the thinking to other aspects of your life. What I’m building towards is evergreen information, but the potential causes are in this case shaped by recent political events.

Make Dominaria Great Again!
Make Dominaria Great Again!

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4 thoughts on “PROTRADER: The Fall”

  1. Wow… I guess it’s one way of looking at things.

    You wrote an entire article predicated on the notion that our economy will tank because (though you didn’t explicitly say it) Hillary lost the election. Really…

    Look. Look at the facts of the US economy for the last 8 years. Unemployment is rampant, though the figures don’t say so (because the figures lie). The total percent of people age 18 to 65 not working had CONTINUALLY gone up every… Single… Year… For the past 8 years. That is horrific.

    The economy is NOT on the brink of collapse. It’s already done that for the last 8 years. The only place it can go at this point is up. Tell me, when millions of people suddenly have work requirements (or at least job training) put back on them if they receive Government money, do you think the total productivity of the nation will rise or fall?

    And when total productivity goes up, what happens to the economy? And when the economy does well, do people spend more or less on luxuries?

    Enough with the sky is falling. Tell the college kid you know to grow up and stop crying, and to actually be something they demand everyone else be… “tolerant” and open minded. Then watch the nation come roaring back to life, and admit their idiot professors were wrong.

    1. Believe me, given the choice I’d rather be proven wrong than proven right. The numbers that have been concerning to me have been coming out of the bond market. The stock market has been pretty good since election night, but that’s a much less telling indicator.

      I’m sorry if the article frustrated you, I know these have been very partisan times- the bulk of it is definitely information that could be applied at any time. And hey, you can always tell yourself that this was just four years before we put someone crazy like Senator Warren in charge. 😛

    2. The article here was not explicitly political, but generally talked about how Magic reacted to the last downturn. There’s really no reason to get into a “America is gonna be great again let me tell you why” discussion here.

      We’re in an unusual place, politically, and it’s impossible to know how institutions are going to react. Whether or not anything bad happens, no problem being prepared.

  2. Good article! Like how you are encouraging people to support the economy while also supporting themselves. Could definitely use more articles like this! 🙂

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