Black Friday Sales Round Up: Magic the Gathering

Well it’s that time of year. Time to cuddle up by the fire with your holiday sweater on, half conscious from turkey coma chemicals, while you chuckle at the fools who don’t know how to use the Internet to buy things on sale.

For Magic: The Gathering speculators and players in need of some savings, the holiday season from mid-November to the new year is often a pretty great hunting ground, with plenty of sales going on and plenty of folks looking to turn cards into cash fast so they can finance presents and travel plans.

Here’s a round up of the Black Friday sales going on at various online vendors that you might be interested in, with some highlights of the sweetest deals:


  • $15 in store credit for every $100 spent until Monday, Nov 28th at 11:59pm Pacific Time


The CFB sale has been going on all week, so it’s a bit picked over on the singles side, but there are plenty of solid deals still up until Monday night.

Collector’s Cache

Image result for planechase anthology box set


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  • Coupon code BLACKFRIDAY2016 FOR 10% off all TCG singles until Sunday at 11:59pm EST
  • FTV: Lore: ~$60 (after currency conversion)


  • 8% off singles orders $50-$99
  • 12% off singles orders of $100-$149
  • 20% off singles orders of $150+
  • Free shipping on all orders over $50


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10% store credit on all singles purchases until midnight (EST) Nov 25th

So that’s that. If you’d like to share a really sweet deal you found online, hits us up in the comments below!

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